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  1. greekfella

    Accurate Shisha Recipe?

    it's accurate your recipe, though you don't need all those ingredients... at my opinion always... Like glycerine and molasses, don't you think sweeteners are bad for health ? enough sweeteners we have in plenty food (at my believe) as far as it concerns glycerine or glycerol, i might better consult a doctor after using it [[ here are some references... for glycerol (https://goo.gl/9rTLu8) and for molasses (https://goo.gl/XioksB) ]] I believe you could easily produce your own shisha recipe with just the 4 out of 6 ingredients you mentioned... teaspoon, mixing container, pipe tobacco and dried fruits and/or herbs. Don't get your health into risks with sweeteners and alcohol, be more Eco in your like than ego ;-) I am looking for organic recipes myself.