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  1. QUOTE (newsman @ Jun 2 2007, 10:55 PM) After some careful research, I have finally come up with what I can call the high point of the Bush administration's tenure. On March 2, 2007, Bush lifted the 17 year ban on the importation of Indian mangoes. Seriously, and all sarcasm aside, these mangoes rock, you'll never have better, especially the Alfonso variety. It's just too bad that this was the best he could do... ROFL classic...
  2. Harshness Question

    +1 on double layer of foil. I initially used one of the metal screens, but it burned the shisha too fast because of the large holes, so i tried 3 layers of foil. this was too much and it didnt heat the tobacco well. 2 layers seems to be the best in my limited experiences.
  3. Forum Mania

    QUOTE (Johnny_D @ May 21 2007, 12:37 PM) QUOTE (OrangeLazarus @ May 21 2007, 03:45 PM) some n00bs know to search the forum for answers to common questions, not to toot my own horn or anything. i'd never to that... Personally I think the constant 'using the search function' answer to noobs is insensitive, bloody minded, unfriendly and pointless. How many threads start off as something and develop into something else? Noob's are the life-bloody of any forum and just blindly pointing to the search feature is unhelpfull and uninspiring. Otherwise you might as well close the forum as 90% of most topics have probably been discussed as some point or another. JD's 2p awww... sarcasm just doesn't translate well into text
  4. Anyone Play Tibiame? (micro Edition)

    hehe, i do now and that game snuck up and stole 5 hours of my sunday... I don't remember what world i'm in and i can't look it up since i'm at work right now. i'll check later
  5. Forum Mania

    some n00bs know to search the forum for answers to common questions, not to toot my own horn or anything. i'd never to that...
  6. do a search and you'll find a wealth of information about the phunnel bowl.
  7. perhaps some kind of sleeve that goes over the whole setup would help deal with the stability issues. like the metal wind covers, but with a diameter to accommodate the stacker bowls.
  8. Candy Flavored Shisha?

    so some sort of sweet fruity flavor?
  9. Candy Flavored Shisha?

    what exactly does "candy flavored" mean? that could be just about anything...
  10. How To Make Your Own Flavors!

    get out a couple pairs of tweezers and milk the peanuts?
  11. The Ultimate Fighter

    QUOTE (rootdown @ May 18 2007, 04:11 AM) who cares if its SOMEWHAT in the wrong area? answer the question or dont, but dont flame him for no reason +1 that stem looks like it would be a pain to clean, all curvy and stuff...
  12. look at the people he has appointed to various positions too, such as the recent news about gonzales and wolfowitz. he just surrounds himself with more shady shitbags. oh and dick cheney, too. he's a real winner. or weiner...
  13. El Did It! El Got A Job!

    QUOTE (ShishaFred @ May 17 2007, 08:04 PM) Lol a drug test to get a job, nice private life. They don't really analyse your urine I think since drugs tests are pretty costly. They just want to scare some people out of the job. That may be true. In the military (or at least the army) they might randomly choose 200 people or so for a drug screening, but really only test 50 of the samples. I've known plenty of people who have been tested not long after doing some kind of drug and nothing ever came of it. Better to be safe than sorry and just stay clean if your job depends on it. Drugs are bad, mmmkay...
  14. Parents Understanding Hookah

    Yeah, I'd go with doing your best to respect your parents wishes and rules, it's the least you can do. It is their house and they are giving you a free ride and/or lodging while you are in college. Since you're over 18 they can give you the boot... Try explaining the history and methodology to smoking hookah to see if it helps. Or maybe some kind of compromise such as only doing it outside in the backyard. And if you have any young and impressionable siblings, don't do it around them. When I turned 18 I immediately started smoking cigars and my parents didn't mind. My dad smokes cigs (in the house) and despite this I still gave them the courtesy of only smoking outside or in the garage. They teased me a bit when I told them I started smoking hookah recently, but after I explained it my dad became curious and he wants to try it when I go up there to visit soon. Same thing with the cigars though, I won't do it in their house. So basically, be courteous, respect their rules, and educate them. Think of all the things they have done for you...