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  1. rbyers

    My Very First Hookah.

    I'm pretty sure you can post images by doing an img tag which is something like this [.img] image url [./img]... Remove the periods though, first time i posted it it didn't work. I think this time it will work. EDIT TO FIX THE CODE
  2. Fumari Lemon Mint. It's pretty good.
  3. rbyers

    Homemade Party Hookah!

    So I'm almost done making mine, it's at my buddies house. 4 hoses with autoseal valves. Used a brass tube for the downstem, that's being sealed into place on the cap of our 2gallon container, and the 4 hose ports are setting in right now as well with silicone caulk. Going to attach our hoses and smoke up on wednesday I think, hopefully it works out well, I'll try to post pictures.
  4. rbyers


    You shouldn't wash non washable hoses.
  5. myspace.com/reedling or search for me on facebook, full name via PM.
  6. rbyers

    Small Tickle

    Have you tried natural coals/a funnel bowl/different heat management/different shisha?
  7. You can use rubbing alcohol, lemon juice, vinegar I've heard, bleach, the blood of one thousand virgins, hot water and soap or a variety of other substances.
  8. Has anyone asked him how he makes shisha? There have been a few posts about homebrew shisha but not a lot of conclusive results; maybe one or two topics with good guides. Not wanting to put him out of business; but for those of us who want to make peanut butter or steak shisha. Steak/potato/carrot shisha; smoke instead of dinner every day.
  9. Washington? Oregon? Idaho? I'm in Olympia, WA.
  10. If you do it right you should get a long session with delicious flavor; but I don't know how you are with heat management. I have a small funnel from hookahcompany.com and I have found it to be a very good bowl. I don't use a mod though, so... I don't know about that. And I don't smoke starbuzz so I can't speak to that either. Sounds like you've got a nice order coming though, so enjoy it!
  11. rbyers


    I got a nice 28" egyptian with 2 hoses for around $100. It was marked as $92, and then I bought some tobacco to go with it. but, generally you get what you pay for i would imagine, buy what you think you'll like. That's all that's important I'd say, is getting something you're going to like in 6 months.
  12. rbyers

    Homemade Party Hookah!

    To make nicer hose endings without cutting up real hoses, check out the home depot hose topic. Also, I have decided to make a 2-4 hoser out of a 1gal jug as well. I'm gonna try to find a really big brass downstem instead of copper, or stainless steel. I just want to figure out how I can attach the bowl in a good way that doesn't require me glueing it on... maybe I'll just glue a grommet on the downstem. Also, I'm going to make all the hoses have auto-seal funtionality by using a big steel ball bearing inside of two fittings that screw onto the hose and that assembly is glued to the base. Then a release valve as well, but I need to have an extra hose that doesn't use a auto-seal to use the release valve... I don't wanna be smoking some old nasty smoke in mass quantities, now do I?
  13. rbyers

    Hookah Shirts

    Is that the only design that you're manufacturing? If you had a design that I liked more than that I might be interested...
  14. rbyers

    Excess Juice

    Get a funnel bowl! Or get a new grommet or... I dunno. Fake the funnel with foil? There's a topic on that in the do it yourself zone i believe.
  15. rbyers


    I bought a hotplate at fred meyers for around $15 and it has worked excellently for lighting natural coals. I noticed that a certain part of it got red faster, so I adjusted the coals onto the hotter part; other than that it has worked quite well.