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  1. dizzing

    a grasshopper joke!

    hahaha, that's an excellent joke, i heard it from my aunt just recently in a different form... but anyway,a pirate walks into a bar, and the bartender notices that he's got a steering wheel coming out of his waist.  "what's that doing there?" he asks the pirate. the pirate replies, "yarr, it's drivin' me nuts!"
  2. dizzing

    Tangeirs is a tobacco god

    hey, i dunno what you're talking about.  i've been using that number for months whenver i get lonely and need to have a fun night out ... 
  3. dizzing

    Medium Idea

    whatever, tangiers, i think you're just drukn again.oh, crap,k never mind, that's me.
  4. dizzing

    cleaning rod

    eh? i'm not familiar with any cleaning rods other than the brushes you mention.  brushes are the only thing i've ever seen marketed for hookah cleaning.  if you have a cleaning rod, i'd assume it's like those used for gun cleaning - with a female threaded end.  well, if that's the case, you can get wire brush attachments, and attachments with eyes that'll accept cleaning patches, etc [at your local wal-mart or gun store]... otherwise i'd say, yeah, wrapping a cloth on it might do the trick, but be careful not to get too much fabric.  i once used a coat hanger and an old piece of t-shirt to clean a hookah, and the cloth got wedged in there like you wouldn't BELIEVE.  i think it took me about 30 minutes to get out, and it was the hardest thing i've ever done .  anyway, yeah, i'd say if that's the case then wire brush heads would scour better than the typical plastic brushes.  plus, using cloth or cleaning patches gets it swabbed cleaner - helps you get a nice shine to it 
  5. dizzing

    Multi Lingual

    no, tu, senor, eres un perro.
  6. i always thought tropical punch must be impossible as a ma'assel, given the nature of nakhla and al waha's mixed fruit tobaccos.  glad to see that i was mistaken
  7. dizzing


    it is my belief that the 2nd is the correct reason, and time would in fact adhere to the same principles.  think about it, it's inescapable.  everything that happens has a cause.  even things that you do as a result of "free will" came about because of stimuli  that were beyond your control.  you made your decision based on the data available to you, even down to subconscious things that you may not have actively considered at all.  everything that happens causes everything after it to happen.  sure, it may be infinitely complex in practicality, something that we could NEVER hope to dissect even with the most advanced supercomputers, but it's all following a path which is inescapable at its basic level.  therefore everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen, could have happened no other way.  thus, there's no reason to think the percieved passage of time has anything to do with time moving independently - it is a whole which we, as a point traveling through a single dimension, percieve subjectively.  should it then be possible to adjust our passage thorugh time relative to other points?  well, that hinges on what you define these other points as.  does our universe as a whole exist as a point, or does every observer have his unique point moving independently through the dimension of time?  i think this is the real question, which has a lot of things to think about that i couldn't hope to :)but i'd say that if space works that way, maybe time does too.  if we look at everything complex and four dimensionally like scientists like to do, i guess that's a foregone conclusion.  but do they know what they're talking about? who knows? do i know what i'm talking about? who knows?  i'm inclined to say that i probably don't.
  8. *drools at the thought*
  9. yeah, my friends m39 emits quite a shock wave when fired (it's basically like a sawed off 30.06 ).... you can feel it in your chest even if you're 10 feet behind the guy shooting it 
  10. hehee, the '39 nagants are fun, aren't they? probably my favorite, my friend has one.  that thing is like firing off a quarter stick of dynamite next to your head he took it to a range one time, and everyone there was like, holy hell, what the f**k was that??
  11. NOOO! , that totally didn't show up that way in the post preview..CURSE THE LACK OF AN EDIT FEATURE.
  12. yowza, everyone posting pictures of stuff has such nice-ass stuff.those rifles, that paintball gun, and all the cars have seriously made me embarassed for mine :)but, i do have a few pics of stuff that i've mostly stolen [err, the pics, not the stuff.  i got the stuff legitimately]..i have one of these[img]http://www.volny.cz/weapon/pistole/makarov/makarov.jpg[/img]and one of these,[img]http://img210.imageshack.us/img210/2462/mosin1ez.jpg[/img]you may recognize it from enemy at the gates...but i modified the stock a little bit: sanded and refinished it, and cut it off about 3 inches up the handguards (to the chagrin of purists everywhere.. screw them), so it looks like this (i have yet to get a scope mount and scope for it, that's a bit of a tough task):[img]http://img210.imageshack.us/img210/3494/modgun11sa.jpg[/img]i apologize for the horrific nature of this photo, all i had was my webcam, and it just wasn't wide-angle enough to get the whole thing...i also play trumpet extensively, and i take pride in the horns i use (even though i owe credit to my dad completely for them... hey, i can't afford stuff like that ;p)one of these, a Schilke B3:[img]http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/8004/mitchellschilkeb3trumpet8bz.jpg[/img]and my latest infatuation, the King Super 20 Symphony Silversonic (yeah, that's a long name.  the bell is sterling silver, which is kickass, because most trumpets are simply silver plated brass.  solid silver sounds so amazing...:[img]http://img212.imageshack.us/img212/8703/chaitsuper20silversonictrumpet.jpg[/img]my horn is slightly different, there is a round ring instead of a trigger on the first valve slide.. which brings me to this point - you'll notice that none of these pics (aside from the modified rifle) are actually mine.  oops.  i don't have a camera..  regardless, i have given an fairly accurate impression of the appearance of the things in question ...and i got these images from a cd i found lying on the street labeled "PUBLIC DOMAIN".  in case anyone asks.  since i'm putting up random pictures of other people's stuff that's like mine, and related to my hobbies, i also play steel pans (the double seconds, to be specific).  they're the instruments you hear in old cheesy 70s music and girls gone wild commercials.  here's what i play (more or less..the ones i play have more notes/better range, but unfortunately i don't own my own set.  anyone wanna give me 4000 dollars? ):[img]http://www.steelofthenight.com/Double%20Seconds.jpg[/img]and on the completely far-off chance that anyone else plays  steel pans, i can make you a sweet set of custom poplar or oak mallets for  a low price, i'd say 5-10 dollars below market value .... i'm going to say 20 bucks but don't take that as set in stone - i don't have pics right now but i will see about getting some if anyone would even be remotely interested i also have a paintball gun, which is quite modest to be frank, but it shoots pretty well considering the price.. it's a spyder TL-R with a vertical expansion chamber, really nothing special though.  i cut the trigger guard off (because unlike ApoC, i despise safety ) and made a custom grip out of the same luon making up my bathroom floor currently.  unfortunately, i don't have a picture of it. 
  13. [uh, nuschultz, you kinda skipped the 2 posts in front of you.  and pipesmoke, you broke the rules with that "so".and yes, i'm breaking the rules now. anyway, i believe we left off with "sexuality"so,]sexuality and hookahs do not mix.[yes, that was my post.  it began with the word "sexuality" and ended with the word "mix".  just to make things clear. ]