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  1. Want to let everyone know we now have the entire line of [url="http://www.hookahshisha.com/cat--Social-Smoke-Tobacco-100-Gram-Can--socialsmoke100.html"]Social Smoke premium hookah tobacco[/url]. Check it out [url="http://www.hookahshisha.com/cat--Social-Smoke-Tobacco-100-Gram-Can--socialsmoke100.html"]here.[/url] -------------- Official Social Smoke Tobacco Description --------------------------------- [font="Verdana, Verdana, Verdana"][size="2"][color="#000000"]5 Years in the Making...Instant Satisfaction In 2005, when we began researching what it would take to create the ultimate 100% American made hookah tobacco we weren’t sure what the path had in store for us. Thankfully so. If we knew how hard it would ultimately be, we probably would have taken the road traveled by most companies and used a private label tobacco from the Middle East. Around every turn a surprise was in store for us, but in overcoming those challenges we have become truly experts in hookah tobacco. Every single bowl of Social Smoke tobacco will be a unique (and long) smoking experience. The selection list is long and growing so although it might be impossible to try them all we can assure you the quest to will be delightful. 100% American Made 100% American Proud [/color][/size][/font] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Want to let everyone know we have Fantasia available http://www.hookahkings.com/shisha-tobacco/fantasia/cat_82.html
  3. FYI we now have Nakhla Mizo flavors in stock http://www.hookahkings.com/shisha-tobacco/nakhla/nakhla-mizo-premium-hookah-tobacco/prod_478.html jon
  4. Want to remind everyone that still offer free shipping on orders of $75 or more. Use coupon code "Free shipping"
  5. FYI, we now have Deja Vu tobacco. 28 flavors available in 50g or 250g tins.
  6. I want to let evereyone know we have Al Fakher tobacco and charcoal in stock on Hookahkings.com
  7. I think 30 days is too long and that member would most likely not come back. I'd say five days followed by permaban on the repeat offense, buts it's your call.
  8. HKJON

    Bloody Mastercard

    maybe it's a sign for you to not order hookah and pay your cell bill...jk
  9. QUOTE (contristo @ Sep 2 2009, 10:45 AM) i'm a lucid smoker, so i have a few honest questions: if OG just gives a smoker headaches with generally the same flavor as lucid, why would anyone want to smoke OG over lucid? if it is merely for the buzz, how does this buzz feel? is it calming and soothing, or overwhelming to the point where you are lying down and seeing circles? just curious I think it is good to have a choice as tobacco smokers all tolerate nicotine differently. Some people like the nicotine buzz while others don't. You need to ask yourself the hard question and make the decision for yourself. Lucid is just fine in my opinion
  10. HKJON

    Mn Hookah Unresponsive?

    no reason to bash these guys. They have obviously been a great vendor, although things are different now. They probably just overwhelmed with only one person tending to the hookah business while trying to start a resturant. No reason to order from them untill they are back but keep the faith, they may get it together soon.
  11. HKJON

    Diy Egyptian Style Hose

    QUOTE (Bulldog_916 @ Aug 24 2009, 08:57 PM) I just made an Egyptian style hookah hose from PVC and vinyl tubing. I bought 1/2" inner diameter vinyl hose, about 6ft should do. Get 3 2-sided corrugated couplers and 2 threaded and corrugated couplers. Then get one of the grey 18" threaded pipes. Put a threaded coupler on each end, then the threaded and corrugated coupler on both ends, one to serve as the mouth piece, the other to join to the vinyl hose. Put the other dual-corrugated coupler on the end that will attach to the stem. Wrap the whole of it in baseball bat grip tape. Tape cost: about 4 dollars for 30 feet. Hose: about 2 bucks The Pipe for the Handle, about a buck and a half. Couplers total about 6 bucks. Pics to come. nice job! most diy hoses look far worse. Also, when it comes to using tubing, it was a good idea to cover the tubing so the smoke residue doesn't show from the outside. Again, well done!
  12. HKJON

    Brand Loyalty...

    QUOTE (detroitmak @ Aug 31 2009, 01:50 PM) I searched for a thread like this, but couldn't find one. Many of us have our favorite brands and flavors, but, if you were forced to choose one brand to smoke from now on, which would you choose. I know some brands make better flavors then others... but that's not what im asking, one brand, rest of your life... name your poison! starbuzz probably because they have the best flavor selection
  13. HKJON


    $12-$18-$24 depends on bowl size. blue mist is a very popular flavor btw
  14. I get just the same results when cracking the coco's as with whole pieces. Maybe its your tobacco or your hookah needs cleaining. Also, try both methods with other tobacco brands as I would expect tangier's to be the more inconsistent of all tobaccos. Reason being, it is made in smaller batches than leading brands and perhaps Eric used more primitive manufacturing methods than a large factory.