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  1. Lame. This one doesn't even look good.
  2. symptom CY

    New Flavors

    Haha, I saw Mimon on there a week or so ago and I figured it was some kind of accident or typo. I can't wait to try that Lemon...
  3. Wow, I have that same piece of furniture! I've been thinking of doing something like this. Though I've heard horrible things about the hookah tables commonly found on the market, the concept is certainly not impossible to execute successfully. Could you take a picture of the inside?
  4. Don't do what Gaara said. Not only is it unnecessary, but it can actually get you in trouble -- I don't know if you're on campus property or not, but at least on most campuses you are not allowed to tamper with fire alarms. Same probably goes for many apartment complexes. Disabling or tampering with the alarms usually sends out a signal to your local safety HQ or whatever. Many of my friends have done this, only to wind up with campus safety at their door a few hours later. If you put the fan in your window properly, it's actually a good idea NOT to towel the door. If you're trying to move air out of your room, you need to be able to let fresh air into your room, right? As long as the fan is blowing air OUT of your room, you don't have to worry about air creeping out into the hallway from underneath your door. To test your ventilation, crack your door a little bit and turn on the fan -- the door should be pulled inwards from the negative pressure created by the fan. Also, feel around the cracks of your closed door when you've got the fan on -- you should feel a draft coming into your room from between the cracks. That's when you know you've got good ventilation
  5. symptom CY

    An Idea

    No offense, but it's a lousy marketing strategy if you ask me. The tar-free claim is misleading, and the "free from anything harmful to you" bit is downright preposterous. Though I don't exactly agree with what txhookahman and ahwahoo are saying, I don't think the tobacco manufacturer is in any place to make assertions concerning the health risks involved, at least when it comes to hookah. There's nothing wrong with confirming that your product is made with GRAS ingredients, but don't imply that it's completely safe to smoke it.
  6. symptom CY

    Tangiers Is Seriously *&*&#%#*$ Me Off!

    Again... Tangiers won't bite your throat when it's smoking properly. It smokes just about as smooth as other brands, just with more body.
  7. symptom CY

    An Idea

    Yeah. I think there needs to be some kind of trigger that increases the heat when you inhale.
  8. symptom CY

    Had To Throw Tangiers Out!

    Ants are assholes man... I've waged many bloody wars here on the homefront. Corpses strewn about. The stench of death. Horror. They never touch my shisha, though...
  9. symptom CY

    An Idea

    It's impossible to remove the carcinogens and other risks without eliminating charcoal inhalation. Nicotine isn't that much of a risk as far as I know... it's a vasoconstrictor and maybe it can lead to heart disease or something, but I doubt it's anywhere near as risky as what you're breathing in from the burning charcoal. If it weren't for the coal, I don't think we'd really be breathing in anything all that harmful, at least not in terms of long-term affects. All we want in our lungs is glycerin, flavoring, and nicotine... given the flavoring ingredients are GRAS, I wouldn't think there's much risk there. What we need for safe[r] hookah is an alternative heat source, one that doesn't give off dangerous fumes. I'd pay $500, maybe more.
  10. symptom CY

    Tangiers Is Seriously *&*&#%#*$ Me Off!

    I usually use a little less tobacco than what Scoop pictured and 3 halves of 33mm or 40mm Three Kings coal. In my experience, packing the tobacco that high leads to a somewhat muddy taste, at least if you're using Three Kings. With Canary Golden Japanese coals it works just fine, if I remember correctly... As has been said, don't pack the tobacco down -- just drop a glob in there and fit it to the shape of the bowl. I've never really had to lower the amount of heat I use for Tangiers, but I do think that the close the tobacco is to the foil, the less heat you need, so adjust your heat accordingly. I'm not such a fan of the Juicy Peach... just was not impressed by the flavor. Blueberry isn't really my thing either.... .......lllleeemmmmmmmoonnnnn bbblllllloooossssssssssssssooooommmm....... ........kaaaaashhhhmirrrrrrr..... apppppplleeeeeeeeeee...........
  11. symptom CY


    Aw, shucks. Missed it again
  12. symptom CY

    Im Curious

    When this question was asked before, I think Tangiers said that he leaves the tobacco on the counter overnight next to some M&Ms and the caffeine fairy comes and moves the caffeine from the chocolate to the tobacco. I would think that some kind of caffeine powder is mixed in, presumably the same kind of stuff you'd find in caffeine pills. I don't know though...