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  1. godspeed

    Hookah lounge São Paulo???

    Look for "Republica do Narga" Sent from my SM-G530BT using Tapatalk
  2. Hey guys, nice to meet you here! This place looks like a great shisha smoking place... cof cof I'm from Sao Paulo countryside but moved to the South of Brazil 6 months ago, working at an international hotel chain. Started smoking shisha some 4 months ago because my girlfriend's family is Lebanese and they smoke like a diesel truck lol My army: We own two Mya Econo hookahs and planning to buy a new, bigger one; We also only use phunnel bowls, very practical for us; Only coconut coal (although there's a bamboo coal here, never tried); heavy-duty foils. Shisha: I usually smoke a lot of Zomo (Paraguayan brand, easy to find here), Alwaha, Al Fakher, Adalya, DeCloud, Fumari, Gold Smoke (brazilian), Mazaya, Kimo Plus, Haze, Alchemist, Dark Smoke (brazilian), Vibe (brazilian) The ones I want to try but can't (mainly because the price is WAY prohibitive here) are Social Smoke, Pure Tobacco, Tangiers, Starbuzz, Hookafina, Argelini To this date the only shisha brand I didn't liked at all was Afzal (and I hope it's not just prejudice) Happy to be here, godspeed