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  1. First of all let me introduce myself. I am Krasimir and I have been smoking hookah for the past year now but only at bars and lounges. I concider myself not as a begginer but as an intermediate lets say it :D. So here is my story: A month or two back i decided to finally buy my own hookah and not have to go to a bar just so I can smoke one. I went to a local hookah shp and bought a 40 cm one with a vase-like base a washable hose, Al Fakher flvaours (Cherry, Mint and Watermelon), and some Coco Nara coals. I went back home and started to assemble my first hookah ever and all was going well until i lit 2 of the coals (for my bowl of choice i think 2 are more than enough) and I started puffing on the water pipe. I could not produce any smoke there was hardly any in the base and if I ever got some decent smoke it would be harsh and i would choke over it. I decided to re-think my bowl packing and decided to poke less holes and not to fill it as much (the first time i dad that with my hookah the tobacco was not touching the rim of the bowl). But yet again the same disaster stroke and no smoke was coming out ( by no smoke ofcourse i mean a tiny bit of smoke but it looks extremely weak and I could not taste the flavour of tobacco). I noticed a strange thing, however: whenever I blow on the hose to get the excess ash from the base I see smoke not only coming out from the purge valve but from the base of the stam (where the weldings are) and from the bases of the hose and purge valve adaptors (by the hose adaptor I mean the part where you plug your hose into). I decided to test it for any leaks so I put my hand over the place wher you put the bowl on top of and decided to puff and see if I could get some air and yes I did. i got my trusty glue gun and went with it across the welded parts of the stem base, hose adaptor and purge valve but when I decided to test it once again there was still air that I could inhale and even bubbles forming whenever I drag, coming from the base filled with water. My request is that you guys help me find some sort of solution to this problem because I do not want to go out and spend money for a new hookah. -Krasimir