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    Al Rayan Tobacco

    I can't tell the difference between colors of grapes when it comes to mu'assal. I think it's all in the head. The best grape flavor is my mystery stuff from a small shop in Kuwait. It came from a a 5-gallon size Al-Waha bucket, labelled Shirazi Grape, in English and Arabic. I have seen NO reference to such a flavor anywhere online, searching in both languages. It is unbelievable, possibly the best flavor (of conventional fruity mu'assal) ever made. It's deteriorated a bit since I got it (September), and even then it's STILL great (had it about 2 weeks ago). I have maybe 350-400g left of it and I smoke it only on special occasions. (I sent Kasbah a sample, maybe he'll chip in. He loved it too). Had I know it was that good, I'd have brought back a LOT more than 500g! Barring that, I don't really like Mizo grape or Tangiers white grape. They're both pretty similar to each other, and both are OK. Not better than OK. Current AF grape is utter shit. Cleopatra (aka Salloum) grape is not bad, but it's a very light, sour candy-esque smoke. I'm very skeptical about the more modern flashy companies' products, so haven't bothered. Of the ones I've mentioned, Al Rayan is REALLY good. It is very close to the old Golden AF Grape - maybe not quite as tangy, or quite as luscious, but it's pretty close. You know TwoApplesPlease? How's he's obsessed with apple flavors and has tried tons of different ones? I'm like that with grape, only the vast majority of ones out there are very disappointing if you've ever had the original standard of old AF. Hi there, I was wondering if you could kindly share the address of this shop in Kuwait I have relatives there who I'm hoping can get me this old school type AF grape??? Appreciate any feedback thanks ?