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  1. Your welcome man, it was potent stuff, I was shocked to get such a massive buzz.

  2. I graduated already. Last December actually.
    How about you my man?!

  3. ey brotha, I have been damn busy, I have been good, how about you?!
    I posted a thread about being busy and trying to come around every now and then every week or so.
    I hope you are doin well too, hows the CS major treating you?

  4. yeah it's so sad to see people like Johnny_D and Scalliwag leave, especially when regulars have to leave because of personal issues.

  5. Good, you are great to have around!

  6. Well that's good to hear. You were away from the forum for a while, I was starting to get nervous you were done with HF and moved on.

  7. same shit man, been working on the eBay store, and smokin the nak!!!
    I see you have been digging nakhla a bit more lately ey

  8. yo man, how ya been?

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