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  1. I'm familiar with hookahs but new to the business side of it. I just have some questions that I hope some of you experts can help me with. I am lucky to have the business at my friends night club. I won't have to pay rent. I don't know what types of hookahs are good for that environment of potentially drunk customers. I know I will need something medium size and sturdy of course. What would be my best option of hookah? Best shisha that's not so expensive? Best charcoal that's not so expensive? And any website suggestions that you guys can recommend to shop around. Thank you!
  2. Hey Wade I want to ask you for some advice. Im starting a hookah business at the night club I work for in Houston. I don't know too much about hookah besides the basics. I WON'T have to pay rent for the place, I will only be paying for the supplies and hookahs only. Once I get my licenses/permits, what else should I look at? What should I expect to pay as far shisha, charcoal, etc? (Fair wholesale prices) Also what brands of shisha is the best bang for the buck, I don't want to get some super cheap low quality stuff but also not trying to spend a lot on the shisha. I'm grateful for your feedback