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  1. I'm just a beginner. Been smoking hookah on and off for about 3 years (like 4 months in a year kind of on and off). And I've used the same hookah all this time. And I think my hookah is pretty standard (sorry I really don't know any classifications yet) I started out using quick light coals that my dad got me. Realized that I got headaches from them and moved on to those cube shaped natural coals (forgot the brand). Anyway, now I've been using Jana coconut coals. They're log shaped, so I changed the hole pattern I used from something like this http://www.REPORT THIS POST. HR/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/standardholepattern.jpg to this http://i35.tinypic.com/2415het.jpg So I only noticed this about 2 weeks ago. But whenever I finish up my first coal and move to the second, I don't get any smoke anymore. Well there were one or two times where smoke still came out, but almost never as good as the initial smoke I got in the beginning of my session. I use Al Fakher tobacco (it's pretty much the only brand I find that's easy to buy here in the Philippines), if that helps. And the first time this happened was with a batch that was about a month old. So I thought that the tobacco was just getting old or dry or whatever. But today it happened again! And this time, with some tobacco I just bought. And I personally don't think that the tobacco is dry. Something else to add. I take out the first coal before I start heating up the second one. And I do make sure that it's really ready to use before I put it on my hookah. So I'm not sure if the tobacco just "died out" in the interim whenever I heat up my second coal or what. Because whenever I'm in a restaurant that serves hookah. I'm pretty sure that it takes them to serve another round of coals longer than it takes me to light up my next one. Also, I just wanna know. If I die out my wasted coal with water, would I still be able to use it for another time? It's really just a waste of money to light it up only to not put out any smoke... Oh also, I use a DIY wind cover I made out of foil. So I'm guessing that could be at fault too if ever? If there's any more info that you guys would need to determine what I should do, please tell me and hopefully I can provide whatever it is! EDIT: I actually just took my bowl out to clean it, and some liquid came out from under! I never had that happen before. But maybe it's because I tried to blow into my hose as a last resort when smoke wasn't coming out...