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  1. Pushkin

    Greetings from Canada

    hello everyone! sorry for replying so late. i smoke everyday before bed and my favourite flavour is mint. since we all are hookah addicts, does anyone know how to import al fakher mint from US to Canada as it is way cheaper. Also, i have always smoked mint and usually its al fakher. sometimes the flavour comes with too many sticks in it and the flavour is filled with clusters of tobacco which usually end up in the garbage anyway. what i really wanna know is do you guys sort the mess out before packing your bowls or do you just put whatever is in the box?
  2. Pushkin

    Greetings from Canada

    Hey bud, how's it goin?
  3. Pushkin

    Edmonton, AB

    Anyone from edmonton??
  4. Hey guys how's everyone doing? I have been smoking hookah since 2009 and i could say that i am a pro now! i ordered a cloud one v2 and got it delivered today! i have had various hookah's over the years and this one is my favourite! let me know if u guys wanna see the video or the hookah or anything of such sorts. I have never started a blog or anything like this before so this is my first time! and hey anyone can msg me or talk to me cuz we are all here to make friends right? alright guys, talk to you soon. have a great day everyone!