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  1. Hello, my name is Michael Skachkov. Me and my friend Jan Dabrowski tell you about this device. Hookah Mixer allows you to install two bowls on a hookah. Smoke can be mixed in any ratio. Lightweight sleeve turn - and you will enjoy the scent of tobacco from the first bowl, still turn and you enjoy the taste of the second bowl, or both. For lovers of special combinations you can create a special, unique "mix" combinations of flavors. Smooth sleeve turn replaced by "mix" by adjusting the flow of 0 to 100% of the first and second cups. During development, we tried many different samples, namely, about 17. All of them did not fit on reasonable grounds, that were too big for the weight and cumbersome in design, just did not look aesthetically pleasing. Finally, we were able to make a Hookah Mixer as possible functional and convenient in use. Materials for Hookah Mixer are copper and brass. Also, in order to avoid scratches and bumps, we provide the latest protective coating. Color Mixer and two saucers - nice looking silver. Product Weight 150g You can support our project on the following link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hookah-mixer--3