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  1. Beer Snobs Unite

    Hey Ntur hate to burst your bubble but Pilsner Uruquell is merely imported by miller they are in no part owned by miller. on another note by far one of the best beers I have had is Kostrizter which is a German Schwartz bier. On the American beer front I am kind of tied on Breckenridge breweries Oatmeal stout and Lucky Bucket Certified Evil. I am still trying to find Lost Abbey's Judgment Day ale, this is a Chicago based brewing company and Judgement day ale is a 10.5%ABV belgian style dark ale. One thing that really annoys me is alot of people that I try to talk to about "craft" beers always revert to oh Sam Adam's this Sam Adam's that. IMHO Sam Adam's is crap compared to the small breweries that you can find in your state. Personally I love traveling and taking in the local food scene and beers. if any of you ever stop in Omaha Neb. look up Upstream Brewing and if you are in Lincoln Neb. check out Empyrean (can be found at Lazlo's and Firework's both local eateries).
  2. Xbox 360 Or Ps3?

    IMHO the PS3 is far superior to the 360. My brother in law purchased his 360 about 3-4 months before i bought my ps3 at this point we both have our respective systems about 2.5 years. About 6 months ago my brother in laws 360 started having disc read errors on games only, it would play movies no issues at all but when it came to a game GOOD LUCK getting it to read. Shortly after we had figured out if we let a movie play for about 5 minutes it would then read the game no problem. Since then it has gotten to the point where he has to leave it on all the time other wise it will not read at all. My ps3 at this time still has absolutely no issues at all. I have never had any kind or errors at all so that is why I say ps3
  3. myself

  4. 1972 Model 70 with Harris A-2 Bipod

    From the album myself

  5. DSC00856.JPG

    From the album myself

  6. DSC00878.JPG

    From the album New aquisition

  7. New aquisition

    Present my buddy got me while he was deployed
  8. DSC00883.JPG

    From the album New aquisition

  9. DSC00882.JPG

    From the album New aquisition

  10. DSC00881.JPG

    From the album New aquisition

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    From the album New aquisition

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    From the album New aquisition

  13. DSC00873.JPG

    From the album New aquisition

  14. Personally I would avoid the Fumo, the looks of them are well to say the least sketchy. It really looks To NHish it just really puts me off alot. If anything I would definitely go with santino's