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Veronica Black Coconut

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  1. Hello, i'm joining here because I want to know more about what people like and what people hate about the shisha charcoal. Hope I can have some new friends here and more knowledge. Thank you in advance
  2. Here are some criteria of what people wants from coal when they are smoking shisha, which are the most important for you? For me it's: 3 - 1 - 2 - if i got something more from 4 to 8 then it will be a bonus. What about you, guys? is that anything else beside of those 8 criteria? ------ 1. smokeless 2. odorless 3. no taste 4. strength. It has to be very strong that when you smash it to the floor it wont be crack. 5. minimum ash during the burning and after. 6. white ash instead of a bit brown or grey 7. good packaging design 8. nice cube shape 9. cheap.
  3. Coals

    Hello, I want to give free sample from our coal production. But the problem is I'm in Indonesia and you are all seems so far away from my country. If there will be 0.25kg to 1 kg free sample from me, do you guys want to pay for the delivery? Here is our product information: http://blackcoconut.co.id/ It could be your next favorite coal