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  1. poopooshaboo

    My New Black Tri-metal Km

    Sexy. That's one of the very few traditional style hookahs I've seen and actually liked.
  2. poopooshaboo

    Fs: 26" Af Hookah $60 Shipped

    How used is "lightly used?" 10 times? Twice a week for a year? Just wondering...
  3. poopooshaboo

    Just Got My Mnh Order In...

    QUOTE (Milk With Pulp @ Feb 23 2008, 11:48 AM) Poopoo. Your strawberry smells funny, has a funny smell and is LEAKING all over the place? Smells like a syrupy or some kind of like nasty un strawberry smell? He resent me another one and I think the strawberry is bad, it's like a strong molasses smell or something else not sure how to put it. I can see your box and that's how mine looked. it's al Fakhir instead of Al Fakher if you loook inside the box ccrrect? Also. You have the same idea with me I am looking to buy a small phunnel bowl for personal smokes medium with buddies, looks like a great order, I am soon to try the tangiers. I left the strawberry completely sealed, in case tarik wants me to send it back for whatever reason. It's pretty old, and leaking all over the place.
  4. poopooshaboo

    Just Got My Mnh Order In...

    Still waiting for that call
  5. poopooshaboo

    My Order Is Here

    please, please tell me how cotton candy is
  6. poopooshaboo

    Just Got My Mnh Order In...

    Same with me, bowls are fine, only real issue is the tobacco.
  7. poopooshaboo

    Just Got My Mnh Order In...

    To be honest getting the different sized bowls really isn't that big of a deal. I'll just use the smaller one for solo smokes and the bigger one for group smokes. I just thought people should know about how it worked out for me. The shisha however, does get to me. To get a tub that not only is leaking all over the place but is set to expire in like 4 or 5 months doesnt work to well for me.
  8. poopooshaboo

    Al Fakher

    Don't acclimate af.
  9. hahaha theres like 5 kilos of tangiers and then one liiiitttle 50g of fantasia
  10. I just got in my order from MNH. The first thing I'd like to note is I ordered on wednesday and it just got here today. Thats two days, Minnesota to Boston. Awesome, A+. I've never seen a vendor do that before, hookah related or otherwise. I ordered: 2 Medium Phunnel bowls 1 Box of golden QLs 50g of Hookah Hookah lemonaide 250g Tangiers Brambleberry 250g Al Fakher Strawberry 6 hose grommets (I lose them on a daily basis) 1 Bowl stem piece thingy 1 Inner stem piece thingy MNH also threw in a 50g of Fantasia Pink Lemonaide, which was great of them. I have just a couple of issues. I ordered 2 medium phunnels, not a small and a medium or a medium and a large, and yet the two phunnels are very different sizes. In both the picture above and the one below you can see how much bigger the green one is. The bloe/black phunnel can almost fit inside of it. It would be perfect if I had wanted a medium and a large, but that's not what I ordered. As well, as you can see in the top picture, the strawberry al fakher's box is absolutely soaked with juice. I want the juices for me, not for the cardboard box! Minor note on the alfakher; the production date is august 2006, while not terribly old, is way closer to expiring than I like my shisha to be. My last complaint is I could have sworn I ordered a brush as well (I orderedover the phone), but thats most likely my fault and not MNH's so no big deal. Anyways, just a couple of small issues but overall a good order. Came out to $76 before shipping, $86 after.
  11. I am on! Just not posting =P
  12. poopooshaboo

    New Shisha

    QUOTE (shisha fan @ Feb 19 2008, 11:16 AM) QUOTE (poopooshaboo @ Feb 19 2008, 06:11 PM) It's pretty obvious none of you remember OPD very well... i remember him, but he doesn`t work with smiley anymore. so i don`t really see the problem. I have less of a problem with the fact that he worked with smiley and more of a problem with the way he conducted himself.
  13. poopooshaboo

    New Shisha

    It's pretty obvious none of you remember OPD very well...
  14. poopooshaboo

    New Shisha

    edit: never mind
  15. poopooshaboo

    Diy Hookahs

    we get killer clouds... another picture