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  1. Hi everyone. I'm pretty new the using Hookahs and I currently don't own my own and I'm looking for some advice on getting my own. So lets start with what to buy?!? 1) After reading reviews and watching youtube and looking at stuff on online stores I'm really fond of the KM General. I Really love the shape of the vase and over all it looks pretty nice! Everyone highly rates the KM Hookah so I figured as a starting point it couldnt be that bad of a starter. - Thoughts? 2) The Nammor brand hookahs really really look great and I love the vases they sell. Something about the shape i guess. The Nammor Cleopatra was one i really loved the look of but I cant find much info on the brand. Does anyone use the brand? how do you / the community rate them?? 3) The Nammor washable hoses seem like a great idea and A LOT of youtubers seem to love the Nammor hoses because they work so well and everyeone else seems to rate them are they worth it? Personally I'm big into hygiene so giving my hose a wash after use appeals, is the Nammor hose just a good bang for buck hose? 4) How interchangeable are hookah parts, for example If i buy a Cleopatra vase could I just put a stem from a KM hookah on to it? Will a Nammor hose fit onto a KM Hookah? Next round of questions, Where to buy??? There are a few shops in AUS that I would say are in my general vicinity but there range is a little limited or its some cheap chinese no name Hookah. I figure if im going to spend money I want quality gear so I buy it once and then im set. So I can get some help and guidance on the first 4 questions I would like to find a reputable online store that ships to AUS that I can use. So many online stores have heaps of stock sold out and with very few updates so its hard to find somewhere I can get what I want / need. So any pointers or assistance on WHERE to buy from would be greatly appreciated. - Im keen to hear your experiences with any places. If your not allowed to post links due to rules please inbox me an email address I can use to contact you for web addresses. A n00b thanks you all very much for your time and patience. Harry.
  2. M8Harry

    Newcastle, Australia??

    I used to be but im currently at Gosford atm.
  3. Hi everyone, Im an aussie hoping to learn more about hookah and im an infrequent hookah smoker looking to purchase his own, i thought i should get the facts from a like minded community, so here I am and expect LOTS! of n00b sauce questions.