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  1. Hello everyone, just registerered in this forum and I've a serious question for your senior hookah smokers: I've been smoking hookah for a month or so now working in a lounge bar, and I got pretty experienced doing base mixes, however, being utterly bad in chemistry, can't figure the following: Due to limited (and obviously filtered by the cigarrette mafia, like CDC for example) information on the web, I couldn't learn enough about the base method the hookah base works when you inhale. Apparently in theory, the water filters some of the chemicals from the molasses/the charcoal cup (I use a copper one) and etc., and the hydrogen/oxygen the water is made of doesn't do any harm to the lungs, but what happens to your lungs when you inhale a coffee/milk/alchohol base (that I tend to smoke everyday). Does anyone knows the short and long-term effects of doing so? Any specific answers or topic links are appreciated.