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  1. hey, so I recently started smoking hookah, and I've only smoked about 10-15 times before, but all times it was just me and one friend, so I've had my share. Well today we were smoking in her backyard, and I was ready to leave for work. We had been smoking for about 45 minutes, and I felt a little dizzy as I sometimes do, but it got worse as I was walking home. When I got home, my head was really dizzy and I was starting to feel a bit nauseous, but I still got on my bike for work. So when I got to work after a 10 minute bikeride, I went up a few stairs at where I work, and I felt really light headed and nauseous, and my vision was blurred. I then sat down, and I realized my whole body was covered in dripping sweat, and after 5 minutes of sitting my vision seemed to get better, but then i threw up everything. I of course left work, and now 5 hours later I still feel like shit and the headache is killing me, and I can barely eat because I feel so nauseous. Any idea what might have caused this? I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the smoking, since I started feeling like this when I was smoking. Please help so I can possibly prevent it. (Maybe it was the exercise right after smoking. Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that the only thing I ate up to 3 hours before smoking was a handful of nuts and a pear)