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  1. yashman19

    Hookah-Shisha.com Reviews

    I've been a long time buyer from H-S.com now. They may be a few states over, but have always had a great selection and great customer service, but I might be looking elsewhere in the future now... Typically in the past when an item has run out of stock and their website isn't updated yet, I get a phone call from someone at H-S.com typically within a few hours of my order being processed. They ask for a substitute, everything is fine and my order goes out like normal. My current stash is getting low so I try to time my order to arrive pretty close to when I'm going to run out. I place my order late Saturday night, being perfectly well aware that it won't even get looked at by someone till Monday morning, or at least that's what I was hoping. I get an email late Tuesday saying that a flavor was out of stock, and to let them know what I want as a substitute. I reply back minutes after receiving the email wondering why no one called or even emailed me Monday and hopefully gotten my order out monday afternoon. I get an apology saying they were backed up still from Labor Day weekend, which is a week past now..? And that $10 in points have been added to my account for a future purchase. I'm irritated but can't hold it against them, as I get backed up myself. I was HOPING my order would go out tuesday then after everything was straightened out, but nope, got my email informing me of the package being shipped wed night, and it won't even leave UPS on it's way to my house until Thursday morning. Great! So it looks like my order which normally takes 4-5 business days will take 10 according to UPS's tracking info... I don't want to sound like a nicotine fiend who will die if I run out before my order gets here (which I definitely will run out before), but I'm just bummed they really dropped the ball, after years of flawless service in the past, and expected a $10 credit towards a future purchase would make me happy. I would have been more content if they offered a faster method of shipping to make up for lost time. But then again I'm not the type of person who bitches, just for the sake of getting freebies. I simply take my business elsewhere. So I'm not going to give them low rating or anything in light of the good times they've provided for me in the past, just wanted to share my current experiences with my once favorite go-to company. I think it's time I look for a vendor closer to my own state. Thanks anyways H-S.com, but you can keep your hookah points.
  2. yashman19

    Selling Most Of My Tobacco And Coals

    How much would you sell ALL the tangiers for as a bundle? I might pick it all up for the right price. I'm located near Sac, CA also. Send me a email at: Yashman19@gmail.com with a price for the fastest response.
  3. They say in some places that other discounts wouldn't be applied with the black friday stuff, so maybe the usual 20% hf discount was bumped down to 5% just for the black friday stuff, but as someone pointed out above, i guess it still works? Dunno, but I placed an order and got 750g of AF, a tin of SB pumpkin pie (come on its the holidays!), 750grams of my favorite flavor of Romman ever, BLUEBERRY! 750grams of Al Waha (i started smoking on al waha, always have a special place in my heart), and I finally broke down and wanted to try the triple bowl thingy for shits-n-giggles, since it was on sale. And of course I was able to get the free cheap-o hookah, which I plan to use as a gift for a friend, so that worked out well. I still need to make an order with John for some tangiers and coals, but I unlike most people here wasn't too impressed with his deals. Nothing wrong with that, he's still a stand up guy/business, I just didn't have any preference to the stuff he had up. All in all I'm very happy with my BF purchase. No electronics/gadgets, straight tobaccy!
  4. yashman19

    Thanksgiving Sale

    Anyone on Hookah John's newsletter get anything since his annoucement to look for some deals from his site? He said something should be out by this past monday, but I didn't get anything in my box. I checked my spam filter as well but nothing. Did anyone get it and mind forwarding it to me? HJ must be busy because he hasn't gotten back to me and I'm dying to see whats up. Yashman19@gmail.com is my email if anyone would be so kind as to help me out. Thanks guys
  5. yashman19

    Thanksgiving Sale

    I bugged HookahJohn a few days ago and asked him if he had anything planned, and had an email from him this morning about his newsletter. Said he has something in store for us, and that we should be looking out for an announcement here on the forum. HJ is my go-to vendor now, so I'm pretty excited.
  6. yashman19

    Extra Chamber

    I thought I'd post this again, even though the extra chamber is situated differently. I posted these here many years ago when I was still in college. Oh the things I came up with when procrastinating from studying... Please ignore the disgusting carpet also. We covered the original dorm tile with a section of carpet to prevent burns from destroying the tile, so we just tossed the carpet at the end of the year. Enjoy
  7. Pshh.. look at that shoddy hole configuration!
  8. I fully enjoyed trying to read all the replies to the end before new pages could be stacked up.
  9. QUOTE (Sonthert @ Sep 2 2009, 05:03 AM) Yashman, are you in? Nah I just wanted to be apart of this epic thread. I still need to perfect my smoking technique, thanks for the advice via pm by the way.
  10. Whoa, there are a lot of people viewing this thread right now! Hay guys whats going on in this thread?!
  11. yashman19

    Hookah Madness...

    Should bring out a flock of hookahs and start your own on campus lounge
  12. yashman19

    Shipping Sucks :(

    I like the hookah a lot, but man it seems really top heavy. Maybe if the base was larger, or at least wider, I'd feel safer from it getting pulled over.
  13. QUOTE (Zinite @ Aug 31 2009, 08:27 PM) All of their free stuff requires codes I think. 'free hookah' for the free Mini Mya, etc. If you purchase a hookah from them you get 100g of tobacco and some mouth tips. I haven't really seen anything offered for free besides those. You know, I believe you are correct. I guess its been so long since I've purchased a hookah, that must have been the time I got those freebies. I misread the banner and assumed 'free gift with every purchase', instead of "free gift with the purchase of a hookah'. Guess I was being a negative-nelly and they will continue to have my business, except when I need to buy some Tangiers =-/
  14. yashman19

    Nother Cl Find

    Haha good plan, get on good side before pushing bad side Although being a woman, she might catch on to your evil plan and question the integrity.
  15. yashman19

    Nother Cl Find

    Tell her it's only a measly 15 bux, and the re-sale value can easily cover that, and then some? Just some person who wants a fast sale and wants to unload. I know everyone isn't made of money, but would she really freak out for spending 15 bux? Edit: If you do in fact go check these out in person, I'm sure you'd check and make sure these things are air-tight and no shoddy welds are appearing. Kind of odd that someone would want to unload a few nice stems and no bases for so cheap. I know people try to unload broke stuff all the time on CL and try to pass them off as good quality.