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  1. StutteringWolf

    What yesterday consisted of

    Haha yeah. The water wasn't going down, my friend said it was supposed to. Which I guess he was wrong lol. Yeah, I had a great time.
  2. StutteringWolf

    What yesterday consisted of

    Hey everyone. Yesterday was hectic and I figured I'd share. So basically there was 3 of us going to a hookah lounge. 2 of us ended up going as my other friend said "It's not my cup of tea" So with that being said, I wake up around 4PM (Yes I sleep late) and I had to meet my friend at 6. I get shower, get dressed etc and walk about a mile and a half to get to the bus stop. Here's the interesting part. I'm near the bus stop and I see the bus I have to get on and I knock on the door. The fucking bus driver shakes her head no basically saying I can't get on here. So now I'm running as fast as I can to beat her to the bus stop. Surprisingly, she beat me and waited. I get on and two guys were saying that was a dick move for the driver to do that. I basically tell them if I call corporate they won't do anything. So I'm at my stop. I get out and some guy says wait! I turn around and he had my wallet. He said it fell out of my pocket as I got up. I thanked him and walked away (he didn't take anything. I checked asap) I get off and some teenager my age says you almost had a bad day. I'm like yeah and I laugh a bit. Then this kid explains he's from Ireland and how his father bought a house here he made a profit blah blah blah. He's practically telling me his life story. Once we part ways I head to a vape shop and wait for my friend. We met up after about 20 mins and the hookah lounge opened at 6. We got there around 6:30. The open sign wasn't lit, the hours on the door said 6-12:30AM and the doors were locked. We went to a Starbucks which was right next to it and I explained to the employee that it was my birthday on Monday and I missed the free Frappichino. The employee literally gave me two. One for me and my friend, as his birthday was Saturday. We drink them and tried the door again. Locked. We said fuck it and went to the other one down the street. It was $10 a person. (Is that a good price?) So we sit down and wait maybe 20 minutes until the employee brings our hookah, along with two mouth pieces for each of us. I chose mixed berry as the flavor and it was really good. I have to say, I was expecting it to have a harsh throat it to it but it felt really smooth. Both the inhale and exhale felt like vaping 0mg. So we're smoking for a good two hours and we barely finished it. (From what my friend told me once the water is gone you're done. If that's not right tell me) We leave and walk around the city and we run into this healthy juice place. They were offering samples so my friend and I said why not and tried some. The first one I tried was grapefruit and mint. I drank it quick (like a shot since you get about as much as one) and I nearly puked. My friend asked me if I was alright. I told him I took a shot of Nyquil. I grabbed my snapple and washed it down. I told the owner straight out to try that recipe again. So at the end of the night we both get home around midnight. So I have to say, this topped every crazy night I've had.
  3. StutteringWolf

    Where can I buy a complete hookah setup?

    Thanks for the advice. Again I'm not really into tobacco so I'm not sure what I should go with. If possible, I'd like a hookah for a beginner (obviously) and maybe a gentle throat hit. Size doesn't matter, but I don't want anything tiny. What do you recommend based of that?
  4. StutteringWolf

    Do you think I'll enjoy hookah?

    Hey, I went to the hookah lounge and loved it. It was a smooth inhale and exhale. I thought it'd be harsh. I actually want to buy one for myself haha
  5. Hey all, I'm looking to get into smoking hookah but I won't know for sure until Wednesday night. In the event I like it and want to get one for myself, how much would it be roughly for everything I need? Links would be nice too. I'm not sure where to start but I don't want to go over $200. My max is $150 but the highest I'd go is $200. Keep in mind I know nothing about this so if I need to cough up more I will. So if anyone can point me in the right direction that'd be great!
  6. Hey all, I've been vaping for a bit but I don't use nicotine as I don't want to get addicted. A friend of mine suggested we go to a hookah lounge for our birthdays (we're a few days apart) I agreed and invited my other friend. There's a total of three of us going. So if anyone can break down hookah into idiot terms since I'm not sure what I'm getting into. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind trying out new things. But I don't want it to end up being a habit. So like I said I vape. Is there any sort of similarities between the two? Is there nicotine in hookah? Is there flavors? Also my friend who suggested this idea went to this place before. He said it's $10 a person. So does that mean I pay $10 and I'm good for the night? As you can tell I'm really new to this so if anyone could break everything I need to know down that'd be great! Another thing. If I happen to vape with nicotine, the second I feel the throat hit I stop inhaling. So will I get a harsh hit? Or is it smooth?