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  1. Sourabh

    Shisha is Choking

    Thank You friends for the insight. The molasses/tobacco i am using is branded and quite moist. Shall i cover the stem area on which we put the bowl with foil or tissue or two pcs of rubber so that the heat does not transfuse to the stem. I use big bowl of tobacco and in order to get good amount of smoke I have to use 1 and a half coal. It works fine with hookahs at cafe. Then why mine is having a problem.
  2. Hello Friends, I am a hookah lover and take hookah regularly at lounges and cafes. I had a hookah of my own and it was all fine. Few days ago i came to a new city and thus bought a new big hookah. I am using odourless coal and making the hookah perfect as i used to do earlier. But after a while the hookah chokes. It feels coughing and soon it is impossible to inhale it. I checked the Shisha Pipe. After 10-15 mins of coal lit it becomes warm and heats up. But is n't it supposed to be like that. Because the charcoal is heated and kept above the bowl with three layers of aluminium foils. Thus warm smoke gets into the pipe and then cooled in the water and then through the hose. The stem will be warm right but then it starts choking. I am using the same coal i used to use before and all the lounges and cafes use this coal only. What is the problem. I use cold water too. Please help.