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  1. Hi All I recently ran into problem of "igniting" tobacco. I usually use tobacco which we got in bulk in Egypt. By consistence it is like sticky tea, however recently from trup to germany i picked up " with cheery cola flavor, and by consistence it is very fine and paste like. Unfortunately when trying to prepare it I ran into issue of "igniting" it. At first i thought that due to fact it is paste like it blocks air intakes and there is to less of a pull for air. On next attempt we tried larger bowl and air intake should be fine however no matter effort or additional coals it refused to "start" - usually i use two pieces of bamboo coal which is more than enough to start most bowls , also by feel , heat was more than necessary , and when I tried to mix it with other brands it started almost immediately , however parts of cola tobacco were almost intact after finishing use , while newly added was black as it supposed to be after use. Wanted to inquire if there is any trick of preparing such paste like tobacco (more heat etc) or I just got unlucky with purchase.