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  1. Yo guys, I couldn't find any specific section to put this in - if it's not allowed then please remove this thread. Aight, so basically my buds and I are looking to stop smoking weed as well as cigarettes, so we're looking to buy a hookah. We've all smoked hookah before, I my self used to have one (although it was crap quality) and I was hoping for some advice so that I don't wind up buying crap quality again. I'm currently lookin at buying this one: http://www.supersmoke.dk/shop/nargile-pnx-670-chrome-1274.html but I can't find anything when googling the brand or the model, so I'm not too sure. My budget is MAX. $226, preferably under $180. So to all you hookah masters, could you enlighten an upcoming hookah smoker. edit: btw, idk why my flag says usa, i'm from denmark (so it has to be European distribution)