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  1. mirney

    Best flavors and coals

    You can by this special tool to quick and easy lighting of coals, it is cheap. To learn prepare hookahs with fruit bowls watch youtube videos, like this
  2. Try: - 4 or 6 foil layers - thick foil - 2 or 1.5 coconut coals - chop tobacco by knife or scissors, clear it from little trash and branches - easy dry tobacco by napkin If this will not help, I can advise just to buy another hookah, my be glass hookah like temple 45 will be ideal for you, you can buy it from arthookah.com and from hookah-shisha.com
  3. In my opinion, you need to try this bowl with another taste of AF or another tobacco brand, because if you get clouds and no taste, then bowl and coals and setup are fine, but tobacco has no taste basically. It means this taste has faint taste, or tobacco has expired and low quality.
  4. Hi. If you use alcohol in the base, smoke from the bowl takes some ethanol molecules and ships them to your lungs. Then ethanol leaks to the blood and comes to the brain. Effect of this is not so strong as if you drink 100ml of vodka, but medicals strongly do not recommend to smoke with alcohol in the base. Coffee has insignificant effect to your organism, and milk brings calcium to your bones))
  5. mirney


    Your organizm and brain didn't know what is to smoke tobacco before, so he didn't tell you to stop smoking. Next day you feel pain because 4 hours of smoking is very, very long. For first time, without enough skill, you should to smoke not more than 30 minutes. Even hookah masters dont smoke for 4 hours a day)
  6. mirney

    smoking tabacco

    It is both normal and not at the same time. When you smoking hookah, you breathing in nicotine, some carbon monoxide, resin and many other chemicals. Each man has own reaction to this components of tobacco, so if one feels nauseous, another may fell nothing. So sometimes it is normal. Rejoice: your organizm is clever and it tells you "Stop smoking this shit! You will kill me!" . But be careful. Very often people use bad hookahs (I mean cheap hookahs, cheap hoses, cheap bowls) and prepare hookah improperly. Cheap pipe and hoses collect dirt and resin from all previous sessions and this dirt and resin are glad to come to your lungs and brain and cause nauseous. Cheap bowls may cause improper heating of tobacco, tobacco will burn and you will breath in a lot of carbon monoxide. So before to smoke - be sure you are smoking really good, proper prepared hookah. So learn more every day, because even Lenin said: "Study, study, and stude again!"
  7. Dont complicate, buy khalil mamoon or amy. They have good smoke quality and good price. For first hookah it will be perfect
  8. I think moisture may affect the tobacco and thickness of the smoke, and pressure may affect rings (I mean height above the sea level). Eric Hoffman said, that moisture is very important for tobacco, so he advises to make "acclimatization" of tobacco came from another country. As I know, Afzal came from India, so climat of India and Brazil are different. Try method 420 by Eric Hoffman: Place new tobacco to vacuum container for 4 hour Every 1 hour mix tobacco in the container After 4 our leave tobacco in the container for 20 hours.
  9. mirney

    Glass Art Hookah

    Great hookah, I have one, but you talk about older version, now there is a 4-th version of art hookah temple 45, and it has aluminium mouthtip Aviator and air purge. So it more durable now