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  1. ezie

    Cs, Dod?

    I play counter-strike 1.6 and condition zero. Play with some of my friends and if i'm alone i'll usually play with BOTs and my highest score is 200++/20 extream difficulty but now i barely reach 50 hehe
  2. ezie

    Whats Your Ride?

    Hey guys i promise to post my ride well now i have my camera and i took some picture of it the other day but i have no access to any computer so here's my ride. I can't post the front view cause the size is too big sorry for that Anyway there are some cool rides here
  3. Hello hookah lover, it's been awhile since i last post hehe been really busy with school but it didn't stop me from having my sessions And lately i've notice to some new faces here at the forum anyway welcome to the forum guys and have a nice stay here Any lastest ground-breaking story here in the hookah world? Any new mixes that i miss? Lately i have been experimenting with Layalina and Havana and i have come with new mixes that i like. To name some: Watermelon with strawberry Grape with cherry Anyway have a nice day poeple
  4. ezie

    Good Smoking Music

    while i'm smoking i like listening to ska and horn music. Bob marley is good too. Sometime acoustic and slow music that is soothing and easy listening
  5. ezie

    I Hate Technology!

    i use NOD32 and previously i use AVG and Windows Live one care. I'm using IE as a browser and i think i'm swtching to Fire fox for security issues. Anyway whats the best Antivirus and spyware?
  6. ezie

    Car Audio

    i have: 2 10" Kenwood [KFC-W2502] currently using this 2 12" Kenwood [KFC-WF303] My amp is American bass [SP 9502] but i upgrade the transistor so it's pounding 600 watts My speaker are Altec Lansing have anyone hear bout this speaker for cars? It's old but sound very nice.
  7. i called my pumpkin the buzzer cause it gives me one hell of buzz and my 26" hookah blue bottle
  8. i don't smoke ciggs but i have no coughing problem with shisha. Thats just funny right. Lol but i do enjoy my session from time to time.
  9. ezie


    Go with the QT
  10. ezie

    What Your Listening To Right Now?

    Party like a rockstar - Shop boyz
  11. ezie

    What Your Listening To Right Now?

    Inner circle / Bob marley - Bad boys
  12. ezie

    Whats Your Ride?

    killzedkill thats one badass car you got there. It look so brutal, i won't sell that baby if i were you hehe . My car need to be pimped out. It's falling apart every time i drive it. Now it won't even start Damn. Have to save money to fix that and this mean no extra money for Shisha but i'll ask from my friends hehe
  13. ezie

    Whats Your Ride?

    Well i have a Suzuki Swift 1.3 GLX [if i'm not mistaken] My dad brought it for my brother back in the 90's and for the last three years my brother gave it to me. It use to be nice but now it's old and broke most of the time. So i'm saving money to buy a new engine for it. It's sure is fast on NA tuning. I'm thinking to give it a super charger instead of a turbo charge well anyway is it possible for a G13B engine to have a super charger? I'll post a picture of my car later Peace have a nice day and drive carefully
  14. ezie

    What Your Listening To Right Now?

    John crow - jimmy cliff [Yeah Old school JAH]