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  1. Someone once suggested using the heating coil from a hairdryer. That could be a good idea.
  2. LOL that has happened to me as well... twice
  3. nofrendo

    Does Length Affect Anything

    QUOTE (TheAlmightyClaw @ Nov 1 2007, 08:34 PM) wow, I never have experience both small and large (I just have a good large) well, but that is sort of how I picture it from hearing about it on the forums. Me neither man... (actually I have never experienced small OR large, but I do have a large one as well)
  4. nofrendo

    Income Tax?

    I would say that taxes are def. legal, although I completely disagree with what they are being spent on. And the national "debt" doesn't need to be "paid off," it is just an indicator that we are buying a whole lot more then we are selling... it's an import vs export thing. That's why it is called a deficit. Ideally they should be balanced, but our nation is not going to have its kneecaps broken and be thrown out of a moving car if they are not.
  5. nofrendo

    Sad Times Made Worse

    QUOTE (MechAnt @ Oct 26 2007, 05:59 PM) Man, im so sorry that had to happen. What is a hookah when you have your life? I'm just glad neither of you got hurt and are safe. Best of wishes. What is your life with no hookah?!?!?!
  6. I would Def. recommend a Smiley Tulip bowl.
  7. nofrendo

    Hookahs In Movies

    In the mind of mencia episode... I forget which but there is a hookah that is clearly being used for its intended purpose... with coals and foil
  8. nofrendo

    Shisha Vac

    I think I'm gonna see how cheaply I can make one of these...
  9. nofrendo

    Exotica Coals

    QUOTE (TheAlmightyClaw @ Oct 14 2007, 03:30 PM) there are pretty big and long. It is very hard That's what SHE said!
  10. nofrendo

    Thinking Of Ordering...

    My opinion: skip the windcover. SB is heat sensitive anyway.
  11. I would reiterate that you probably shouldn't mention "drugs" or specifically "name them" here. Just show them the shisha and coals. That should basically speak for itself.
  12. Why is your school looking in your room is what I'm wondering. I would just show them my tobacco collection
  13. nofrendo

    Anti-g Hookah Hose?

    You have to think about the fact that because of the cooling, stuff would be deposited on the interior of the hose.
  14. I use the tulip bowl and I love it because there really is no messing up. Put tobacco in bowl. set screen on nubs that hold it. light coal. smoke.
  15. nofrendo

    Stupidest Idea Ever

    Actually that sounds pretty good. You would want to use scotch tape to stick them together around the filters only though because duct tape produces caustic vapors when burned. The best way to light it would probably be a small torch to get them all going at once.