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  1. discodancer

    Weekly Dc/nova Area Meetup.

    totally forgot about this place, although i think someone else mentioned... havana max 3249 m st, nw georgetown, dc 20007 202-337-8897/8898 mu'ussell: -layalina -al amir -arabica -al fakher -nakhla coals: -sultan easy lite -kings ... and standard ops stuff. never seen a place that is so well-rounded in tobacco items, in general, then this joint. also, if you don't want to go all the way to sterling or NoVa, this is probably the next best place for mya. closes early though, like 7pm.
  2. discodancer

    Weekly Dc/nova Area Meetup.

    dang... i went underground for a couple months and i find out something actually happened here! i haven't done anything in awhile. i'll try to connect with you guys! it's kinda chilly though. may have to hit my own narghileh. about to get some starbuzz lemon tea & caramel macchiatto... excited! anyway, hopefully, i'll make it to at least one meetup!
  3. discodancer

    Weekly Dc/nova Area Meetup.

    fyi oasis is having a sale on their shishas. they cleared out that space (looks like they r remodeling a bit) and had tons of shishas on the floor. he was selling tiny ones for $15-$20 bucks so i bought one. he threw in some nakhla with it. u guys may want to chek it out. also found other places that sold diff mu'ussel... - luran brand @ queen of sheba... on the same strip as aladdin/oasis/prince - arabica brand - abo haisom brand (looks homemade and comes in a jar) khan el-khalili on seminary rd
  4. shisha international 171 West 4th st they r all about the shisha, mu'ussel, and other accesories. expensive, but worth a trip in there. this is NOT a cigar shop or market that happens to sell shishas. so you won't be dissapointed. the prices are high for a reason... HAGGLE LIKE CRAZY! but like safesearch said, most r in the village... or in "little egypt" (astoria).
  5. discodancer

    Weekly Dc/nova Area Meetup.

    romman mu'ussel... tinderbox @ kentlands, gaithersburg. they had some romman & myas. only had a few, but the owner said they were gonna get some more flavors in this week.
  6. discodancer

    Weekly Dc/nova Area Meetup.

    stores: i did some scouting but other than nakla & al fakhr, no luck... al nakheel - vienna, va yas bakery - vienna, va assal - vienna, va sauson - vienna, va guess where in virginia i wuz @? good thing about this is that you can prob get almost all nakhla & al fakher flavors without much struggle. @ assal, i did find "easy" quicklites from japan rather than the standard 3kings quicklites everyone has. and @ sauson, i saw something that appeared to be natural coals. i never used natural so i wouldn't know and they were in a red plastic bag with black writing. i couldn't see inside. the persian script was in a style i couldn't read. i felt through the plastic and it felt like chunks of chipped something smiliar to wood. sauson probably had more stuff up top but didn't have time. all of the stores sold mya saray for obvious reasons being they are local and all. lb - other than the shameless plug, we live in dc. we actually can see theivery/esl artists every month free instead of paying for it as well as chill @ esl itself. i think we (me) are more trying to hookup @ a shisha bar or do something shisha-related... scalli-style. camel - wuz slacking on reading the forum. i would have mos def tried to hookup! clown - u'r prob in sam's market more than me! but i go there mainly for gelato (i can't make the right rose & saffron mixture for my homemade ice cream!) & shopping. gaara & clown: we are probably 10 minutes apart from each other. maybe we can do something on the md side?
  7. discodancer

    Weekly Dc/nova Area Meetup.

    gaara & camel... did u guys ever had the hookah hookups? pix? khan el-khalili... i know they opened one up in eastern market off 7th. i haven't been there yet but i plan on checking if it is the same as va. other than naxla (i get mine @ lebanese taverna in silver spring ($5) or sam's in rockville which is worth getting gelato in there as well!) & faxr, i don't c any other brand. but then again, i really haven't been searching. anyway, i'm down with any meetup.
  8. it's not new, but i got this idea from [toocoldimtold] on here. as he did, i attached a sink faucet aerator at the end of my stem as a diffuser. but i added a faucet adapter so i wouldn't have to use electrical tape and get a tighter seal. [attachment=283:diffuser1.jpg] the faucet adapter already had a metal clamp. this is available at any hardware store. now there are many different types of aerators. this one was a double system. it is easy to remove the white caps. it all depends on how much air flow needed. if too much restriction, either leave the mesh and rubber ring in only to have the same pull or one of the white caps and rubber ring. keep in mind the tread size and if it is male/female screw-in for the aerator to go on the adapter. if the rubber hole (i.d. hose) end on the adapter is too big for the stem, just put electrical tape on the stem, insert it, then clamp it tight. they have different hole sizes as well. also, the clamp may not fit inside your vase. if so, remove the clamp (or use one of those plastic string tighs(sp?)), add electrical tape to stem, and slide it in the i.d. hose/rubber hole. put enough tape to make it snug. i haven't smoked all configurations, but will let everyone know. tnx
  9. discodancer

    disco adventures

    all aboot da shisha
  10. zup guys! i've been browsing the forums for awhile and i finally decided to join/post. my knowledge expanded to a new level. i would have never found out aboot the scalli mod & other things. u guys made my life much more enjoyable and i thank everyone here for that! shisha setup stem: syrian with egyptian head (smoking-hookah.com) vase: sub-zero (saharasmoke.com) hose: mya wide /w slight mod to fit stem (was too big) bowl: tangier's medium phunnel /w scalli glass mod (respect to scalliwag!) [attachment=257:hookah5.jpg] before i had my own shisha, i used to frequent marjan (prince cafe') in g-town & lebnan zaman by the toilet bowl (va). lookin @ how much i was spending, got wise and bought my own! started off gettin my mu'ussel @ sam's persian market in rockville & shisha int'l in nyc since i'm up there a lot. but givin starbuzz a try now. i can't wait to get & try them! tnx again guyz... xodafez