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    Hello everybody, I recently signed up for this account because of wll the help I saw that was provided on other forums, via Google. I apologize in advance if I am asking this in the wrong section. On to the problem though. I've had my single- hose hookah for about 8 months and haven't used it all to much. Last week I tried it out (in months) and used my ceramic bowl, correctly filling it with the right shisha. I poked the aluminum as I've done many times before and tossed some ice cubes in the base along with water like I've always done. But this time it came out harsher than I've ever had. It was a disgusting, sulfur taste. I ended up finding a hookah store and they told me I should get the vortex bowl, along with a new hose. I did that and grabbed some starbuzz tobacco and a few others, along with new grommets. I took it home and followed the same steps, but this time double wrapping the bowl with foil and little to no smoke comes out. What should I do?