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  1. CarlKillerMiller

    Hookahdude32 The Return Of Neal.

    So why was this guy banned? I mean, his store's decent and all.
  2. CarlKillerMiller

    Looking To Buy A Hookah In Geneva

    I'm in Geneva, Switzerland for the summer and I'm looking to buy a cheapish hookah to use until I leave. Once I leave, I'll probably just sell it to some other intern or give it away. Any ideas? There don't appear to be any hookah/head shops in the city.
  3. CarlKillerMiller

    A Throwaway Hookah For A Summer Overseas?

    QUOTE (NickReppinThe909 @ May 23 2008, 07:22 PM) buy $200 worth of stuff from H-S and get a free mini mya acrylic I was thinking something more along the lines of a european hookah store that doesn't suck. It's mostly because shipping on the piece costs almost as much as the hookah itself.
  4. I sorta recently found out that I'm going to be spending my summer at an internship in Geneva, Switzerland. As I know a few people over there, I figured that having some hookah to pass around would be a good idea. Now, I can bring my hose, shisha, and coals from here, but the hookah itself (a KM amer) would never fit in my bag. What would you guys say is the best deal for picking up a hookah online to use over there for a couple of months, then likely sell/give away? I don't know anything at all about the smoking culture of the place and whether I can buy one at a local shop, but chances are that anything bought locally will cost me 2-3 times what it should, especially with the dollar being so weak. Thanks in advance!
  5. CarlKillerMiller

    Xtreme Berries

    Potion XTreme Berry The shisha was really, really juicy and the flavor was really spot on. I could easily taste grape, blueberry, and raspberry flavors in there, which was pretty solid. The bowl smoked and retained its flavor for a long, long time. However, looking at the price, I'd say no. Is it great shisha? Oh yeah? Is it work ten dollars for a hundred grams? No way. No way.
  6. CarlKillerMiller

    Chicago Hookah Lounges?

    Wow, really? Well, I went there something like the first or second week it opened. If it's really improved that much, I've got to check it out! GOod thing I'm heading back home this weekend. Come to think of it, the only complaint I've heard about it lately is that it's packed with high school kids.
  7. CarlKillerMiller

    Chicago Hookah Lounges?

    Unless the Fumare in Schaumburg has changed radically, I wouldn't go. It was pretty terrible the last time I went there. Expensive, shisha wasn't spectacular, setting wasn't that great (card tables and chairs kinda thing, with one nice ground sofa type spot for 20 bucks a person). Guess Hookah in the city is fantastic. There's also a little place called Milan Hookah Lounge that's down the street from Fumare that's become a favorite of mine, as I can walk there in like 5 minutes.
  8. CarlKillerMiller

    Af Caffe Latte

    Haven't tried it, but every single flavor I've ever had that's been coffee + something has only tasted like black, strong coffee.
  9. CarlKillerMiller

    Check It

    Where did you buy it? Do you think the vase would work with a KM stem from an Amer?
  10. CarlKillerMiller

    A Certain Ratio To Ponder...

    Dang, I'm just now realizing how much time I spend looking at shisha prices, reading up on shishas, packing, different pieces, and all that. It's not a whole lot of time in the long run, and probably not more time than I spend smoking, but still. Hey.
  11. CarlKillerMiller


    Hookah Freak Sour Melon's pretty decent. I could go for more sour flavors.
  12. CarlKillerMiller

    Bought Rockband Tonight

    Man, that game is so awesome. I'm not stellar at drums, but I'm pretty awesome at vocals.
  13. CarlKillerMiller

    Want To Buy Small Samples Of Shisha

    I don't have any flavors in mind, really. Just anything you think would be worth the smoke. So far, it's been hookah-hookah and some al waha, both of which are decent but not amazing. I recently picked up some Fantasia, too, which has been solid.
  14. CarlKillerMiller

    Want To Buy Small Samples Of Shisha

    QUOTE (iamscott06 @ Feb 26 2008, 02:44 PM) Where are you located? I could trade a couple 50g of some of my Tangiers (cool strawberry, schozberry, peach iced tea, marachino cherry, kashmire). I'm in Urbana-Champaign, IL. I'd pay to ship and all that.
  15. CarlKillerMiller

    Want To Buy Small Samples Of Shisha

    Hey forum folks, If anyone's willing to sell them, I'd like to buy small (< 50g?) samples of some shishas that only come in larger boxes, such as tangiers, starbuzz, etc. I kinda want to feel out some good flavors from these brands before I place a big order. If anyone's got a flavor(s) suggestion that they'd be willing to sell me, drop me a PM or post in the thread. Depending on the number of samples and the brand, we can work out a payment that'll be fair. I'd prefer buying a few samples from one person, as opposed to just one, so shipping doesn't destroy my wallet. Thanks in advance!