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  1. Good to see I am not alone. I was looking for a tasty brand that was not as expensive as Starbuzz. I guess its back to Fusion for me.
  2. Smoked a bowl of Mojito Starbuzz today at a friends house and felt fine. Its gotta be the tobacco. Unless its the batch of Exoticas I got, since I did get them in one package.
  3. QUOTE (j3oomerang @ Jul 6 2008, 04:46 PM) try these suggestions: -dont be hungry before you smoke -i tend to get headaches if i drink more than 3 beers while smoking hookah -make sure youre properly hydrated -try not to smoke in 100 degree weather -clean your hookah really well -make sure airflow and your pull arent restricted like hookah hippie said -dont double foil (the foil is the worst part of the hookah in my opinion) hmmm, I do eat, and def stay hydrated. Don't usually mix alcohol and hookah, and don't smoke in hot weather. I clean the hookah well and I've been double foiling for years, never heard of it being bad. As far as I know, hookah charcoal does not burn hot enough to make the aluminum volatile. I was also under the impression that water will filter out alumium ions even if they were to theoretically be in the smoke. Sigh, I just want to blame Fantasia for some reason. Even though it tastes SOOOO good. First time I smoked it, I got a headache after like 2 bowls. Second time, it was after 1 bowl. Third time, it was after like half a bowl. And last time, I got a hint of a head ache after 10-15 pulls. Now, when I come next to my hookah, I can almost feel a headache come on LOL. This is so pathetic....
  4. Yeah guys, you are right about it being the blood pressure. I checked it a couple of times when I got the head ache, and its was higher than whats normal for me. Thing is, I am 20 years old! I am very athletic, eat rather well, and don't even smoke that often. So I doubt I have a chronic BP problem. Its usually about 118-12/72-68, but when I had the headaches, it was like 136/87 or something. Which isnt DANGEROUSLY high, but higher than usual for me. When I smoke Nakhla in a local hookah bar, I get no headache. Edit: Just checked it right now, and its 114/63, a little low but I think its atmospheric related.
  5. Hey guys, I've been away from the forum for quite a while, but have been smoking dilegently . Recently purchased 3 jars of Fantasia from Hookah-Shisha and am having a bit of an issue. The flavors are just awesome, and taste great (Margarita, Pink Lemonade, & Blueberry), but every single time that I've smoked any one of them (a total of 5-6 times maybe), I've gotten the worst head ache of my life. One time I got so nauseous and sick, that I could not even go to work. The best I can describe it is as a throbing pain in the back of my head, sometimes I can even feel my pulse in my head! My setup is: MYA QT Funnel Bowl w/ glass mod Double foil Two 1 1/2 inch pieces of Exotica coals 2-3 rows of small holes around the circumferance of the bowl. Thing is, it smokes great. No harshness, smoke is thick and flavorful. But the head ache is just unbearable. Its so bad that now I'm somewhat afraid to smoke. I've smoked Starbuzz, Fusion, Havana, Nakhla, Al Fakher, Hookah-Hookah, Layalina, I don't know everything escept Tangiers, and have only once had a head ache that bad, but it was due to the Roland quick lights I was using. I tried using 3 kings, but still got the headache. And I always eat a little before and drink during smoking. Has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas, or am I just going to have to switch from Fantasia?
  6. its been too long I guess. wasn't it "hookahforum"?
  7. MAKCuMG

    Fusion Reviews

    =IRISH CREAM= Looks: Like SB. Exactly. Very juicy. There are stems. Wish there weren't. But I can deal with it. Smell: Not sure, smells intriguing, might put off those who aren't familar with shisha smoking. Flavor: Awesome. Love the taste. The 250g tub didn't last long. Great to smoke if you've got a fruity flavor to switch it up with. Smoke: Awesome. Clouds. Very easy as far as heat management. Just awesome. Fusion is the new SB. End of story. 9.5/10 =MIXED FRUIT= Looks: Like SB. Exactly. Very Juicy. There are stems. Wish there weren't. But I can deal with it. Smell: Smells fruity. Somewhat artificial though. More of a candy smell. Flavor: Liked the taste. Has some tang to it. A hint of sour. Def. sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. Don't think I could smoke this the whole evening though. Other smokers loved it. I doubt I'll order it again, but I def. don't regret buying it. Smoke: Awesome. Clouds. Very easy as far as heat management. Just awesome. Fusion is the new SB. End of story. 8/10 =CACTUS PEAR= Looks: Like SB. However, I found less stems in this batch, could be because it was a 50g box. Smell: Very, very pleasant smell. Very sweet. Kind of like SB White Peach. Flavor: Liked the taste. Very sweet and full. You will get tired of it though. Still not sure if I want to invest in a 250g tub. Its good, but its also very rich. Smoke: Awesome. Clouds. Very easy as far as heat management. Just awesome. Fusion is the new SB. End of story. 8 or 9/10 I'm still not sure how I feel.
  8. So far, I've had Double Apple, Orange Cream, and Cosmopolitan Tonic. Best setup proved to be Tan. Funnel + Glass Mod, just like with SB. Two rows of holes around the circumference. 3 kings 40mm broken in two halves. Def. very forgiving as far a heat is concerned. Once up to good temperature (can take 2-10 minutes sometimes), theres plenty of smoke and flavor. Cosmo has a very distinct taste. You will either like it, or hate it with a passion. Smokes great. Orange Cream is a new favorite, out of everyone who has smoked it (4-5 people including me), we all really enjoyed it. Double Apple plain sucked. Felt like smoking plain Anise. No one like it. And I tried to like it. Was very hard to bring up to the right temperature. Just not pleasant to deal with at all. AF Double Apple is alot better in terms of flavor.
  9. Washington Heights, Manhattan
  10. Well I've been away from the forum for a while (months!!!! ), and remembering all the rave about the new tangiers bowl when it was just debuting, (and I was still here), I have recently decided to purchase a small superchief from MNHookah. Its here, but I'm not sure on how to work it right. Can someone please take 2 min to walk me thru the packing and foil/coal setup (3 kings 40mm), or link me to a video or something. Thanks a bunch guys. Missed you all. Max
  11. queens, steinway st. between 28th ave and astoria blvd. there are three egyptian supermarkets on the west side of the street (steinway). In one, (the northmost one) you will find everything you need: MYA QTs are $40....3kings coals are $12 and $17 a box, etc. In the other (middle) you will find Khalil Mamouns for $50. In the southmost one, very small store, you will find Al Fakher for $12 a box. Across the street from these three (all on the same block) you will find a meat market that sells Acrylics for $65 a piece (good price). DO NOT SHOP IN THE VILLAGE. A MYA QT will cost you $70-80. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&...c=addr&om=1
  12. Had it a week ago at a lounge. OMG....tastes like tea....if you can imagine smoking lipton. Not earl grey, just plain lipton. Thats the taste. WUold probably make an interesting mixer, but if you don't know what you are doing (as far as heat management) with Nakhla, it will burn and taste so harsh that you wont smoke again that day
  13. So who has actually used it? Or is this just a rumor about a rumor?
  14. Nammor is much better. Quality and taste wise. Just looks and feel much more expensive. As for the plasticy taste...everyone experiences that in the beginning... I know I have...and as discusting as it is (VERY DISCUSTING), it does go away rather soon (a couple of smokes). But, because the mouth and stem pieces are plastic, the taste is much better than with the MYA wides (which are metal)...in general it seems that smoking from metal tips just tastes worse (i don't care if this contradicts chemistry, I'm talking from experience, and anyone who owns the plastic mya washable hoses will agree). The Nammor is the best washable hose available so far. GET IT!!!
  15. My Nammor had a nasty plastic taste, which worried me alot in the beginning. Don't worry, even though it seems very strong, it will go away with washing and smoking. As for the construction, and I am sure other Nammor owners will agree, its outer and inner construction is of a very high quality; the hose looks $25. If yours does not, it might be a manufacturing defect that HS must have looked over. I would call them directly, they are very cool guys and usually go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied.
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