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  1. HookahFiendKris

    Hello, there.

  2. HookahFiendKris

    Hello Hookah Forum

    welcome!!! Did you get a new hookah?
  3. HookahFiendKris

    Hello!! Im a newbie to forums!!

    Thank you Bawhee!!! The Km Orange mint was very delightful but was hoping for more a little more mint kick with it. So I plan on mixing it with Fumari Lemon Mint or Samba Lemon mint, or Samba Brainfreeze. Also the Orange was spot on! pretty excited for my next bowl!
  4. HookahFiendKris


    Hi hannah welcome to the forums!! I am a newbie as well!! Me and my girlfriend smoke hookah on a daily as well! Its just the best way to unwind from a long day haha.. I am also interested in the Starbuzz vintage line! Ive only tried the tiramasu flavor which ones would you recommend?
  5. HookahFiendKris

    Newbie Here

    Hi Vanessa Welcome to the forums! I am a new user as well!
  6. How are your holes on the foil? They are suppose to be pretty big XD Hope you figure it out soon!
  7. Hi everyone my name is Kris and I want to share all my hookah stuff ventures with everyone on here! A little background info about me: I am from Las Vegas, NV. Lived here since I was 6 years old, I am now 26 years old eeeek! lol I am also filipino. My hobbies are Skating (not a pro though lol) , Playing PC games like Counter-Strike:Global offensive, Final Fantasy 14, eating sushi <3, and of Course Smoking Hookah!!! My favorite Flavor is Lemon Mint by Fumari and Samba's Lemon Mint also! I like mixing flavors up as well! My Current hookah Set-up is the Art Glass Hookah with a apple on Top Bowl or my Trimony Bowl by Banned Vendor! I am also Currently Smoking Khalil Mamoon's Orange mint as I type this out hehehe.... So yeh lets be friends haha you can follow me on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5DKed904nXn_WpY5heB-_A or instagram: Username Kris.Tubal hope to hear from you guys soon XD Peace, Love, and enjoy Hookah!
  8. pick me pick me lol XD.... other than that yes Km hookah flavors very stoked!!!