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  1. cemab4y

    Virginia Smokers Va

    [quote name='Skoozle' timestamp='1290534634' post='489302'] Anybody work near the King Street Metro Station? I'm thinking lunch time/ mid afternoon session at Zikrayet. [/quote] I go to old town, frequently. I did not know there was a hookah lounge, near old town. I will be back home (Alexandria), after the first of the year. Maybe we can meet up for a smoke.
  2. [quote name='Josh Hamilton' timestamp='1292422017' post='491413'] Im sending him my AF rose and Nak Tropicana for sure...got his APO address [/quote] You may send items to Charles E. Martin JTF Paladin South CEXC-A BLD 271 Kandahar Air Field APO AE 09355 100% of items will be donated to the troops (USA, Canadian, Australian). Smokeless tobacco is highly prized.
  3. I only want to help the men and women who rish their lives here in Afghanistan. I do not need any items for myself. I have been doing this for over 6 years, and 100% of the donations go straight to the troops (Including Canadian and Australian). I do not use smokeless,either. But the troops can't light up, when they are on patrol, so a lot of them dip. I can provide you with the names of several people who can vouch for this program. I get a lot of stuff from the Masons. (And 100% of the items go to the troops).
  4. If you would like to donate items to the troops in Afghanistan, please send them to Charles E. Martin JTF Paladin SOUTH CEXC-A BLD 271 Kandahar Air Field APO AE 09355 We need coffee, tobacco (especially smokeless) candy, snacks, etc.
  5. The little shop here, sells some hookahs and supplies, most of it is just crap. I got a hookah from an online retailer. I also get my tobacco and supplies from the USA. Just order on line, and they send the stuff in the APO mail. I have been smoking for many years, and a couple of the other techs here are beginners. I got some decent double-apple and strawberry tobacco, and I taught the other guys how to pack the bowl, and how to light the charcoals. They will be experts in no time.
  6. I have been working in Afghanistan and Iraq for over 6 years. My assignment is not classified. I publish a blog, with my experiences. We all have to practice good OPSEC (operational security). I can talk about the chow hall food (bad), and the climate (worse). There is no sand here, just a powdery dust, like the moon. I sleep in a tent, no lights, I have to wear a flashlight on my head. The shower house is 75 yards away. Big hassle to walk to the can, when you get up to take a leak. Not much to do here. I work 7pm to 7am, 7 days a week. Eat twice a day, shower every other day. Smoke a couple of bowls when I am on break, no place to smoke near the tent.
  7. Please consider donating items to the troops in Aghanistan. We need tobacco (especially smokeless). Candy,snacks, beef jerky, toiletries, etc. You can send the items to me, and I will distribute to the troops (I am a civilian engineer). Contact cemab4y@hotmail.com
  8. There was a hookah here, when I arrived. I am not permitted to go off the post (too dangerous). I am a civilian technician. I get my tobacco and supplies in the APO mail. There is a little shop here on the base. They have some hookahs, but they are really crap. I bought a hookah on-line and had it sent in the APO mail. A couple of my co-workers and I will burn a bowl at night. when the work load is slow.
  9. Some of us smoke the hookah here at Kandahar field, Afghanistan. I work 7pm to 7am 7 days a week. It is bloody cold at night. Some of us, go out on the back porch, and light up a bowl. We can't stay outside long, it gets too cold.
  10. cemab4y

    Virginia Smokers Va

    I live in Fairfax, VA. I would love to meet other smokers, possibly have a meeting. We have a meetup group see: [url="http://www.meetup.com/HookahShishaArguilaofNorthernVirginia/"]http://www.meetup.com/HookahShishaArguilaofNorthernVirginia/[/url] All smokers (and S.O.s of smokers) are invited to participate!
  11. I prefer to use only enough water, to permit an easy "pull". Too much water = too much work!
  12. My vase is broken. I have a small OMNI brand Hookah. The vase was about 14 inch high, with a threaded neck. The manufacturer is out of business. If anyone has an idea where I can obtain a replacement, please email cemab4y@hotmail.com
  13. My father in law, broke my favorite hookah base. It was black, opaque, and the hookah was a small individual hookah. The outside diameter of the stem is about 1 3/4". and it is a screw in type. I bought the hookah from a store that was closing, and the OMNI hookah is probably obsolete. ANY ideas on how to obtain a replacement vase ,please PM here, or email cemab4y@hotmail.com
  14. Please join us! Our next MeetupSaturday Night Smoke Dec 5 Sat 6:00 PM Where?Fairouz 3815-A S George Mason Dr Falls Church, VA 22041 Who’s coming?4 Yes / 0 Maybe Want to attend? It's time again for another 'smoking' meetup! Fairouz has become a comfort zone for us having such a relaxed atmosphere and the owner is such a gracious host - so let's meet up there again and have some 'smoking fun' New members and old members alike are encouraged to come by and smoke shisha with us or have some great turkish coffee. See you there, Christina
  15. My residence is in Alexandria, VA. Please let me know if you want to meetup for a smoke session!!