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  1. cypress

    What the?!

    Going back to the title of What the, does anyone thing that this might be the same stuff thay guy with the Watermelon bowl on the hookah had this stuff in his WTF jars?
  2. cypress

    Innovative cooling ideas

    Still waiting on the report. 
  3. cypress

    Lake’s Nargiles

    I like creativity.  As long as it work then its a good hookah. 
  4. cypress


    I havent personlly tried it but here might be some disadvantages in smoking a double bowl. 1 adding more coals could cause a hotter smoke. ie instead of using 1 or 1.5 you might end up using 2-3 coals. 2 the draw might not be even. the one hat has the less draw you might get more flavor out  of it then you would the other one. 3 mixing ratio's. this might work if you just want a 50 50 mix. But say you want only a little bit of a flavor. one thing you might consider is a bigger bowl to accomodate the mixes and smoke longer. I am not trying to discourage you from buying it but these are some of the things I would consider.
  5. cypress

    Clean Shisha

    Get some lemmon juice to clean it out. It works good on the hose too. Just make sure your hose is completely dry before useing. Like clean the hose before you go to work or class and llet it dry the whole day before using it. It would be better to dry it outside or all day and over night inside. I only clean my hose once a month or after a strong flavor that does not want to come out of the hose. Mint, and Hazelnut does that. 
  6. I think they bought out their competition. 
  7. [quote name='mushrat']DJ: you realize that thread is rather old? before you the last post was Jan of 2005?  Where do you live cambo?[/quote] At least he did a search.
  8. cypress

    Lake’s Nargiles

    Very nice.  I liked the one on the right since its unique. 
  9. cypress

    Greetings and Salutations

    Welcome to our forum. I hope to see you as an active member.
  10. cypress


    Welcome. WE hope we can aswer any of your questions. 
  11. cypress

    whats up

    Welcome to the forum. We hope you become an active member. 
  12. cypress

    Hey guys

    Hey ther Hookah Bob.  Welcome to the forum. We hope you become an active member. 
  13. cypress

    Howdy, Hi, Hello

    Welcome to the forum. We hope you become an active member. 
  14. He is a very busy person but he has typically taken care of everyone here.  You can find the same stuff at [url="http://www.tobaccoimportusa.com"]www.tobaccoimportusa.com[/url] . Its the same person who sells it.