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  1. Hello everyone! So I came across this forum and I am in need of some advice from anybody who has had similar experiences or more knowledge on this subject then myself. I recently accepted a job offer and they are requiring a nicotine/cotinine urine screen as part of the drug testing. The job is in the medical field so while I disagree with being tested for a legal substance, they can reject me if Nicotine appears in my system. I currently do not have the test scheduled so I am able to set it up whenever. I've been smoking hookah for 2-3 years now. I typically smoke 2-3 bowls a day of either fumari, starbuzz, or social smoke shisha. I stopped smoking tobacco last tuesday. For 3 days my buddy had a free pack of that Hydro shisha brand claiming it has no nicotine or tobacco so I smoked that until we ran out. So currently I've had 3 days of tobacco free sessions, 1 bowl each, and 2 days of no smoking at all. I feel like I should be good to schedule my test tomorrow which would give me one extra day of being smoke free in total but my anxiety is getting the best of me so I wanted to get extra opinions. Any input on this would be appreciated! Thank you for any assistance!