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  1. I'm brand new to the forums and have an interesting issue I would like to discuss. I know there is a separate place for introductions but I figured since I have a question I might as well make my introduction part of my question. Iv'e been smoking hookah for about 3 years now, only recently getting really into the hobby, everything prior to the last year was casual lounge visits. My problem is in my coals or maybe its my heat management but thats what I'm here to find out! I just got a new box of coco-nara coals from a local place and everything seems to be fine except for midway through a bowl. I'm using an alien mini and I primarily smoke AF. I'm pretty adamant about rotating coals and moving them around the bowl so im not sure why this is happening but my foil seems to be burning. The holes themselves poked into the foil turn black and then it leaves black spot patterns on the outer ash layer of the coals and I've never seen this before. Also about halfway through the bowl flavor is lost. It doesn't get harsh or anything but just much less flavor than I expect for only 45 minutes into the bowl. My hole pattern is 3 rings of small holes, I use 3 coals and edge them, and I pack my AF to a medium tightness, over fluffy packs leave the tobacco touching foil and too dense burns to quickly. Any advice is much appreciated!