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  1. Hey guys, while I was at my shop I saw a new pack of coals, Flare Premium Coco Coals, so I decided to grab the pack for 12$ ( large, 144 count or 2Kg). The box is black and has green lettering with a flame symbol in the middle. Now I will describe/rate the following; Shape and size, Heat, Taste/Smell, Time lasted, Ash amount, Overall Rating. Shape/Size: Cubed shaped with clean edges. Quite larger than Coco Mazayas or other similar size cube coals. 25 mm listed on box. Heat: Heat seems to be just a bit higher than Coco naras but it still very manageable. Less chance of overheating bowl/shisha. 10/10 Taste/Smell: there is no taste to describe aside from the flavor you have packed, no coal taste at all. Very smooth. There is almost no odor when lighting these up indoors, no odor when smoking. 10/10. Time lasted: 75 minutes. 9.5/10 Ash amount: the ash off of these coals is very apparent and almost similar to ql's. 7/10 Overall Rating: 9/10 I would consider these just a notch over coconaras in every way EXCEPT for the ash. I do recommend these to anyone looking for a change or even those satisfied with their smoke, these coals will only help, won't hurt. Due keep ash in mind (big deal for me) Bonus: I noticed that when split in half, these are identical size to coco naras so if you split all, you can have 288 pieces. That's a nice amount if you ask me. (Warning: when split in half, decreases time amount to 50 min) hope this was helpful and please let me know if there's anything else I forgot/need to add. Thanks.
  2. Interesting because I've opened brand new packs (a few actually) that contained some coals with with red spots. I normally just break it off or burn it and see if it gets burned as the coal does, because what I assume it to be is during the burning process, little spots got unevenly burned and when they're cooled off it creates the red spot rather than the usual black coal (just an opinion). I've used my coals with the spots, although they were new so nothing could've really leaked in. Hope that helps
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, any specific flavor or Shisha you can recommend?
  4. What's up y'all, soo I'm a big starbuzz smoker, always have been due too the simpleness and nice clouds. Recently I haven't been having the same experience, rather than relaxing I find myself asking if I'm doing something wrong through the packing process but mine has never changed. Some people might suggest it's nicotine addiction but I've smoked cigarettes before and this isn't anything close to that. It's more of me wondering if I just got too used to starbuzz, might I need to switch it up? The cloud quality are important so please keep that in mind. Thank you
  5. Hey guys, well I'm new to HF so I hope I didn't mess anything up with this thread (if so let me know plz.) Well I was at a smoke shop recently, I bought a new vortex bowl a few days ago and I haven't really had any problems with it apart from maybe the packing method and duration (both of which relate.) the way the vortex bowl is built, the stub (thing in middle, sorry don't know name) is about a few cm shorter than the bowl itself so I was wondering, do I pack the Shisha halfway (right below middle stub) and leave the other half empty so coal doesn't come close to touching or is the bowl just a dud, in which case I should go ahead and order an official name brand? The smoke is good, flavor is great, only thing is I expected a longer session than my Egyptian (1hr-1hr 30min) edit: I always use coco coals, rotate about every 30 min, maybe it's my heat management?
  6. Hey everyone, just wanted to introduce myself so I could get a feel of how this will work heading into the future. I'm 19 and first smoked Shisha when I was in high school. Just recently I have picked the hobby again, and seriously this time. I own a zahrah hookah, KM and a custom made hookah for my favorite team (GO RAVENS!) with that being said, my favorite flavor is SB Code 69 *waits for the SB critics* it was one of my first smokes and has stuck with me since. I'm not quite in it for the buzz,which may draw a lot of criticism as well, but I've just always liked the smoke feel from Shisha over anything else. I'm always looking for a way to improve my clouds so please help in any way by recommending brands, flavors, methods, tips and tricks etc. I am looking forward to interacting with everyone in the community and I'm sorry for writing so much but thank you for taking the time! Enjoy your day and keep on puffing!
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