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  1. freepain

    Alcohol Shisha

    If you get absinthe in the states 90% of the stuff here is crap and doesnt do anything go over to spain omg its crazy how powerful that stuff is
  2. freepain

    Mya Qt's

    Its a great portable hookah, Also great for first timers
  3. freepain

    Getting Rid Of Everything I Have. Who Wants It?

    Im interested in Smileys (150 g) Margarita (one bowl) Al Waha (50 g) Africano Kiwi (one bowl) Blueberry (new) After-nine (one bowl) Melon (one bowl) Two Apple (new) 2 Clay bowls How much would you be willing to part with these for ?
  4. freepain

    How To Make Your Own Flavors!

    This is really AWESOME i have to say Do you know of anywhere i can get Tombac cheap because the cheapest i can find is 14 bucks for 250grams
  5. freepain

    Can You Take Any More God?

    I was raised a baptist from when i was born till 8 then my mother was remarried to a muslim man and after a while i converted to Islam The other half of my family is Catholic SO trust me ive had my exposure i have spent the last 3 years of my life studying every religion i could get my hands on in my free time. From Russian orthodox to satanism ive learned what they all try and show you and ive honestly come to the conclusion that i really dont want any part of any relgion out there. Maybe that makes me a bad person for "sitting the fence" but i do believe in something ,I believe in people. I dont believe that there is a big angry guy up there running the show. But i do believe we cant just run around. I do believe in carma in a sense but not in the literal way. Its hard to explain but the point being We are all just on a journey here who are you to say who's right and who's wrong
  6. freepain

    Pondery: Old Shisha

    I dont see how they could really go bad might lose flavor but if they look okay to the eye and dont have any kind of nastiness in them then i would say its fine
  7. freepain

    Fs: Red Taqseem Spider Hookah

    Im very interested i live in fl
  8. freepain

    Anyone Want Nakhla Mango Or Hookah Hookah Grape?

    ill buy the mango straight from you
  9. freepain


    Al-amir Mocha latte 1 sealed 250g Al-Amir Sour Apple 250g about 2 small bowls missings AW banana 250g sealed Aw Apple 250g sealed how much for all these shipped to 32934
  10. freepain

    Tampa, Florida?

    Im in melbourne 3 hours east lol but closeish I might be attending USF next year
  11. Yeah and if we as a community do it It takes out the need for a company to push a certain product
  12. If im outside i use one but i usually don't
  13. Usually really laid back At the one i go too we have belly dancers and everyone chants for them but thats about the just of the moving around usually some relaxing Arabic music and a good time
  14. freepain

    Looking For Some Shisha

    250 grams ?