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  1. Now I'm smoking the KM grape berry. Good cut, nice full smoke. Not too sweet. I'll give it an 8 1/2
  2. Star buzz white peach. Very light in intensity. I like something a little stronger.
  3. Essential Oils

    Extracts from plants can kill you depending on the plant. The comments saying this might screw up your hookah may be spot on. I wouldn't try it. If I were to try it, I'd be heavily researching which extracts I planned on using and what is their reaction to burning and inhaling. This is way different from aroma therapy.
  4. Al Amir tobaccos

    These tobaccos are consistently small shreds, are rather drier than they should be, and have very light smoke. The mango, guava, and blackberry didn't have a fullness of flavor. Although, the mint and the strawberry margarita were better. Adding .5 teaspoon of molasses improved dryness and body. I would rate them 5 of 10 overall. I'll not likely purchase again.
  5. Texashookah.com Review Thread.

    I recently won the November contest and received my product within 3 days. If this is an example of their service, this is a top notch company.
  6. My wife and I smoked the Grape Berry, which is a new flavor for the Khalil Maamoon line. The product is double-bagged inside a tin. I like that the tin is labeled, too. The cut is medium-fine with very few larger sticks; a couple small ones. The flavor is potent and almost a little too sweet on the tongue in the middle - almost. It has a rich smoke and the bowl lasts an average amount of time. Overall, we enjoyed the smoke and had two bowls before dinner last night.
  7. I'm told the reviews go in a certain place, but after two days of searching, I can't find that board at all. Can someone please point me in the right direction? I want to leave a review of Texashookah and of the KM Grape Berry they so kindly sent me. Thanks PMan
  8. Haze-Do you like it?

    I tried to post in "Vendor Reviews" and was unable to find a new post option. It appears to be locked. The two varieties of Haze we tried were Yummy Madness and Sister May Elephant. They were almost identical in flavor (what flavor there was), and as I said previously, really lacking in substance and body. We didn't like them at all. I have an order or Al-Amir tobacco coming tomorrow. There'll be 5 separate flavors, all in 250 gram.
  9. Haze-Do you like it?

    Can you provide a link? I'm having trouble finding it. Thanks.
  10. Haze sister Mary elephant. And it's not great.
  11. We've tried two flavors and they seem really light and unsatisfying. Any other impressions of Haze?
  12. AF Mojito & AF Strawberry
  13. I just put in an order with these people and saved about 20 bucks, while upgrading two of the flavors to gold level. Thanks for a much for the suggestion.
  14. Thanks everyone. I've got some new sites to look up and some new flavors to try. I appreciate all of your input.
  15. So, no one has another online store with better pricing and shipping cost? Anyone? It's still cheaper than cigars but I'd love to have more options.