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  1. hey ......

    we always welcome the news join in us to keep our forum actively.
  2. haha,okay,I accept,thank you for you kind reply,here is a nice forum,I like here,I will introduce more friends to join here,thk again,you are a good man...
  3. Is it true?you can count me in,haha,need my adress details?
  4. Hello,every Predecessor

    it is another kind of glass water pipe,which was popular here and famous in united states.
  5. I want to know what is the taste of Egypt hookah or shisha,is it the same with the Chinese ones ?I used to smoke chinese ones so long,but now I have a very intetests in those one,it is cool and enjoyable. Below was I had used before,want to share with you.
  6. Glass Art Hookah

    wow,it is beautiful crafts for home decoration,and suit one couple enjoy it.I can't wait to make such a smoking craft like yours.
  7. what brand is my hookah

    Your pic was broken
  8. homemade, cheapskate hookah

    beautiful idea and good job!
  9. Hello,I am a new from China,I am also a glass water pipe lover,I had collect many chinese style smoking pipe,I'd like to share with anybody here.