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  1. Well Bawhee and Chreees. It's a non issue now. I just finished an incredible tangiers session. I received my Kloud Lotus. It is the shit. It eliminates the need for foil, and simplifies heat management. Works fantastic.
  2. Need some advice. Bowl #3 Tangiers. Can't smoke it. I was wondering about hole size in the foil. Toothpick? Push Pin? Bigger, smaller. I know I'm doing everything else right.
  3. You know what, that makes sense. I guess I do hit almost immediately. I was worried that sitting there was going to burn the shisha, but what I do is bring the heat in too soon. I was worried I would have to give up Tangiers. It's so good. Thanks for the tip. I may have under packed, but it seems like a put a s-load of shisha in there.
  4. Here was my last post on Tangiers. Thought I did great. Well since then I have had to dump two bowls of Tangiers. I did everything the same. Packing, hole pattern and size, heat management. On these last two bowls, right from the first draw. I coughed my head off. I thought my coughing days were over.I started with three coals, coughed, then two coals, coughed. then one coal. Same on both bowls. I don't understand how I can go from a great Tangiers session, to two terrible ones? en one
  5. OK Here is the deal. I gave tyhe same Tangierrs bowl I started this morning another go. Clouds are great flavor is great, no coughing. Im sure its my heat management skills getting a little better.
  6. Thats the thing. I put away the Tangiers bowl, and fired up some AF. Fabulous session, no coughing. I have two harmony funnels and one vortex. I have no doubt that some how I burned the piss out of the Tangiers. My Km hookah, I put my thumb over the stem hole. Solid no leaks. Put the bowl on and covered with my hand, no leaks. I have done many activities and hobbies in my life, but this is the most frustrating of all.
  7. This is what is strange. I gave up on my KM, switched to my little Mya. Smoke is 10 times thicker. Got my A/C on 76 degrees. I'm sure I'll get a handle on it. It's a shame that my $39.95 MYA smokes better that my expensive KM. Still coughing my Effing head off. I have tried moving coals around, taking one off, using my wind cover. It may be that this batch is shot. I may have burned it. Using Titanium coals. I am thinking about ordering a Kaloud Lotus. One of the guys I watch a lot is Banned Vendor. He swears by it, so do a lot of youtube how to guys. It suppose to eliminate coal heat management. You just open or close the lid to control heat. I think this bowl of Tangiers is shot. I can't smoke it at all. Damn!
  8. Man I'm not sure what I did wrong. I packed my Tangiers by the numbers. Followed the example of hole punching, but Coughing my head off. I guess It needs more work.
  9. Ok. Partial credit. That wrapper is long gone. I found my order online. I think you are right. They are number coded. Mine is 39 which is Noir.
  10. Well like I said, for a rookie it wasn't bad. A little coughing here and there, but for the most part I enjoyed, thanks to the work you put into that information. Until I read it, I havd no idea Tangiers was so complicated. But it's that complication that presents itself as a challenge for me. My next batch should be delivered any day now. Question..I know there is Noir, Lucid, F-line, Birquq, and Burley. How do I know which one I have. I checked the wrapper and it just says strawberry. Can't remember which type I ordered.
  11. Well in Florida considering it's November, it's high 80's. Very warm for this time in Florida. My house A/C is set at about 76. I do have my tanghiers in a shallow tupperware tub. Stir stir and stir some more. I read "My guide to Tangiers Success". Nice work. Appreciate the effort. After having Tangiers, it may be hard to go back to anything else. Even though I'm a rookie, I did get some good smoke from it. WOW! you can easily get three rounds of coals with tangiers. After two rounds, I was ready to clean out my bowl. But I thought, let me try an experiment. I fired up two coals, and used my wind cover. I got at least another 30 minutes of good smoking.
  12. Let me ask you Chreees. I have Strawberry Tangiers, and I do not taste even a hint of strawberry. It seems to have a molasses taste, but no strawberry. Maybe I didn't acclimate it long enough? I left the tub open about 4 hours, and stired as much as possible.
  13. Well to be honest, I don't care much for that mint/menthol chill. That is why I didn't order Tangiers Cane Mint. I hear it's very popular.
  14. Yes. It is great. I have some more on order. I admit, it's not exactly user friendly. But it's so complicated, it intrigues me to learn. As a matter of fact I have a tupperware tub with 250g of AF Bluberry. I'm sure the flavor is exactly as the name implies. My favorite is Orange. It is spot on orange flavor. Have not tried the blueberry yet, but since you mentioned it, I think i'll try some this evening. Give a report.
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