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  1. Thanks guys!! I've bought a new pipe. New tobacco. Same problem. So I went and bought a new hookah. I bought an Al Fahker 36" medium light hookah. http://www.alfakheronline.com/Item_Hookahs.html Same problem! Hahaha.... sigh. The irony. Same problem. I'm about to give up home because I'm clearly doing something wrong. New issue. My coals don't stay lit. I've tried easy lights and coconut shell (lit it on my electric stove till fully red). I've tried different brands of each. Wow. I either became terrible at this or my luck has gone down the drain. Welcome to my life : / Thanks for the help guys.
  2. Whats up guys. I bought this hookah (middle one) maybe 4 months ago from a local supplier. Apparently it's some brand name? I haven't really smoked it that much. But a while ago it just lost ALL taste. So I tried cleaning it. I've used lemon juice, baking soda and even chlorine. To no avail. Please... if anyone has any idea how to fix this please help? I paid over 100$ for it and I'd prefer to not have to pay that again xD . Thanks <3