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  1. Zabiela

    People And Their Lame Stereotypes

    QUOTE (gaia.plateau @ Sep 3 2008, 08:26 PM) Stereotypes are used by the powerful to control the powerless. Absolutely true. Stereotypes also divert attention from real issues. Distracted people are dominated people. I think Americans in general have some of the worst ideas about what real muslims are like, and I think its most likely because we don't have any damn muslims. The only muslims most americans know are the pakistanis who work at 7-11. If you've lived in africa, europe, or asia, you probably know real muslim society much better than your average american. I lived in france for 4 years, and I made several north african muslim friends (moroccans, algerians, tunisians). France has a large muslim immigrant influx, so you get some very traditional muslim families. Just like any other culture, I encountered a random ratio of assholes and nice people. This said, i've never actually been to a muslim country, so I may have my own misconceptions. I did observe that muslims and westerners in some aspects have drastically different societal rules and assumptions. I'm talking about ways of talking and interacting with people, generally accepted rules about politeness and respect, group relations, personal space issues, ethics and morals. I dont think their system is necessarily worse, although I do disagree with some parts of it (i do the same with the western system), but I think these differences are what cause some terrible mis-communication and misunderstandings between the western world and theirs, and may have been a contributing factor between the current power struggle.
  2. Zabiela

    Mccain's Candidacy

    QUOTE (boulderkid303 @ Sep 4 2008, 02:26 PM) Also you people should respect him and call him by his actual name. What has that got to do with respect? If it has anything to do with respect, then it is very superficial. I don't think which name you choose to address someone by defines how you consider them. ----- I hate Sarah, with a passion. I havent heard one thing about her that hasnt pissed me off. Yesterday I was hearing a story about how when she became mayor of Wasilla, she submitted a request to have certain not-christian-enough books removed from the PUBLIC library. The head librarian refused, Sarah fired her. The citizens heavily protested the firing, and the librarian got her job back. She's crazy religious, like mentally insane status. She wants bibles in schools, and seriously 100% believes that god created the earth in 7 magical days. I dont understand how people can believe things like that. I just dont. Also, on the topic of her family, 5 kids is 3 too many you overpopulating bitch.
  3. Zabiela

    Art Or Animal Cruelty?

    The hipocrisy demonstrated by the people thinking this is unusually cruel is astounding. It may be cruel, but it is far from unusual, so i'm not outraged. If I couldve done something to convince this guy not to do that, I would've. But now that it happened, wtf is the point of throwing a hissy fit? How many starving bums have you walked by on the street and not gave a SHIT about? How many have died on the same streets? The majority. I think feeling sorry for this dog is a HUGE INSULT to the thousands of other stray, starving and abused dogs. Short version: Big fucking deal, quit trying to act appropriate and look at the reality of the situation, stray dogs exist, this guy just brought it to our attention.
  4. Zabiela

    Did We Forget About Bin Laden?

    QUOTE (Endlesssummer63 @ Jun 3 2008, 04:52 AM) Man we got a bunch of Bush haters up in here. Have some respect for the man that kept your ass safe for the last 7 years. If Kerry was in office we would all be closer to socialism, and god help us if Obama (that socialist seperarist). But i guess if you like being forced into government programs like national healthcare and allowing the government to control your life, then he's your man. If the Bush administration wanted to protect us with this war, why is it being waged in IRAQ? Weapons of mass destruction? We found none, if you remember. Al Qaeda? They had a much stronger presence in afganistan. There are now more AQ members in Iraq than before the war began, they sent their own people in to help the insurgency. Saddam? Anyone who thinks getting saddam made them safer is a complete moron. He was old and powerless, and was made into a scapegoat. Cheney: "The war will last six weeks at MOST. It will pay for itself." We're now 7 years in, spending about a million dollars per day, easily.
  5. Zabiela

    The Office

    QUOTE (Nikon1323 @ May 3 2008, 10:39 PM) but Tobe corrects him It's hilarious how much Micheal hates toby. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VO87KW-jM9A
  6. Are you looking for praise or criticism?
  7. Zabiela

    Watermelon Hookah

    QUOTE (Exile @ May 21 2008, 03:05 PM) Touchstone and I put the watermelon together, we didn't encounter any problems with fruit flesh coming through the hoses. How'd that ducktape hold up for you? lol. We used gum as the sealer, it worked without a hitch. As for the filter- I'm sure you could macguyver somethin'. Mesh wire might get clogged tho. I was mad because my friends began setting it up without me there (i was running late picking someone else up). Anyway, they didnt do it exactly how you guys did. They didnt make a lid, they just made one hole the size of the hookah grommet in the top, and used a long spoon to liquefy the insides. They didnt add anything, it was pure liquefied watermelon inside. They had to pour some out to get the level right with the stem. They then assembled it, and used the stupid ducktape. At this point I arrived with museum putty which i had planned to use, but there was already alot of tape on it, and when they were done I tested for leaks and it was good. The ducktape did leave leave some annoying sticky marks on my hookah which took a while to wash off. I gave my friends some shit for doing wierd stuff to my hookah when I wasn't there...
  8. Zabiela

    I Hate Craigslist

    I love craigslist, I bought a bunch of useful stuff for cheap. Only local, of course, and I usually meet in a crowded supermarket parking lot... in case you know, they're shady. Check out the "best of craigslist".
  9. Zabiela

    A Lot Of Misinformation

    Guys, the Ebaums forums are the diseased butthole of the internets. Know better than to trust anything from them.
  10. I've had mine for a year and it has been great. I have the small (26") one. The stem is a little short, but the pencap diffuser I made adds a nice inch and a half. (that's not the original hose...)
  11. QUOTE (Snoopy1966 @ May 15 2008, 09:05 AM) How much tobacco you think it will hold now?? I broke my phunnel in the same manner. I tried to use it after as well (for lack of replacement), the biggest annoyance was I couldnt get foil around it because the jagged edge of the clay would constantly pierce and make holes in the foil.
  12. Zabiela

    Watermelon Hookah

    We did it. It was great. When I was hitting the pipe before the bowl was on, to test the liquid level, it was sweet and watermelon tasting, so it definately makes a flavor difference. With the shisha it was even better. I used al fakher plum + strawberry. Halfway through there was watermelon flesh in the hose: Thanks for the idea touchstone.
  13. Last grape I had was from jan or feb 07, and it was normal. Im planning on getting more soon, will report.
  14. I typed in my username, but once i'm in the chat, the "send" button doesnt work at all. I tried a few things, and refreshed, but then I left
  15. Zabiela

    Feeling So Nauseous

    QUOTE (Bulldog_916 @ Apr 27 2008, 07:43 PM) doing beer first because the hard stuff didnt get there until later on. My mistake. Ugh. Quite annoying how it always seems to turn out that way Plus, when you're a few beers in you'll probably be more inclined to take those shots. Beer before liquor, ya never been sicker Liquor before beer, the coast is clear