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  1. Holy s*** people, I'm f***ing retarded. I just had a conversation with my buddy who enlightened me on the actual working of a hookah. Shows how little I know and how much I smoke instead Turns out...coloured smoke has already been around!! A f***ing smoke machine can be adapted for coloured smoke using a mixture of glycerol, water, and food dye. It's completely safe to inhale because people use smoke machines at gatherings all the time. Also...charcoal is not the way to go. Once again, charcoal only provides heat to vaporize the shisha/tobacco. The white smoke from it is the vaporized shisha/tobacco. If the glycerol, water, food dye mix can be properly added to the tobacco in the right amounts...you could pull color from the tobacco!!! I don't have the resources to test this but if anyone wants to take some spare time, and take proper safety precaution, just in case, this could work!!
  2. Following my last post, I talked about dyes and their application into the water base of the hookah. Dye the water, dye the smoke...right? Wrong!! I looked back and gave some thought into the actual process of how a hookah works. Dyeing the water will, in fact, not dye the smoke. It's just gonna sit there and look pretty...lol. So that got me thinking...the water base in the hookah is meant to cool and filter the smoke, so that it doesn't burn the hell out of your lungs. Light cigarettes use a similar concept by using perforations in the filter to add air to the smoke to let some of the heat out. In further research as to how colorful smoke is created, the most common example would be the smoke bomb. Through a small combination of potassium nitrate (saltpeter), charcoal, sulfur, and wood dust, a white smoke colored bomb can be created. This got me thinking... THE CHARCOAL!!! If I can figure out a way to color charcoal and produce the desired color from it, then I will be one step closer to figuring out this puzzle... Now how do you color charcoal, one of the blackest minerals known, and get it to burn properly while producing colored smoke?... And making it safe to smoke and adapt for a hookah?...
  3. So I've done only two days of research and about a week of thought process. It will be much longer before I'll have the time and resources available to me to go more in depth into this development. My initial thought process was that in order to color the smoke coming through the hookah, would be to color the water. This led to a good amount of time spent going online and researching dyes, their properties, and hazards to the human body. All I was able to find was the process for dyeing clothes, but also the process of creating these dyes and the harmful chemicals used to get them to "stick" to the fibers. Synthetic fibers are very harmful to the body and there is a lot of regulation for the proper disposal of the by-products of the creation process. Then I looked into organic dyes. Creating these dyes is a cool process and requires a lot of time and effort, but some of the plants used for these are naturally toxic and poisonous. Not to mention, the small amount of chemicals just to get them to "stick" to fibers. So far, the possibility for using these in the water...is in vain.
  4. Hmmmm...I see what you mean, and it's a little more information for me to consider. I'm actively looking into the contents of dyes, different types, and the overall toxins and poisons that come with it. I'm going to do a lot more research, and I'm probably going to spend years looking into it, and even longer trying different ideas and possibly looking into getting dyes made that don't involve too many of those chemicals. It's definitely going to take a lot of time, but I really want this to become a reality to add to the hookah experience. It may not be a big change in the hookah world, or in the world in general, but it's something that I would like to see happen.
  5. So I know this has been discussed countless times and I'm serious about making it a reality. I don't have the time or resources currently to do any proper tests but I've found a passion to make it happen. There are countless ways to color smoke from fireworks to throwing chemicals into a fire to create some cool effects, but the problem with these is a health concern. None of these chemicals are good for you and can cause serious irreversible harm to the user or experimenter. From the research I've done, you have to find something that sticks. A thick substance that mixes with water and moves with it throughout the water cycle. The only substances that can do this are dyes and some chemicals that are extremely hazardous and must be handled with care. From what I've read, dye particles can make their way through the smoke and into the body. Chemicals will pretty much just harm you....so what if you could create a filter piece for this to adapt to a hookah? Something that can filter out those dye particles and extra chemicals without affecting the tobacco too much. Would it be possible to create a carbon filter combined with a plain old cotton filter? And if so, would it be possible to create them on a small enough scale to filter out those chemicals without making the hookah more encumbersome in size than it already is. *Note: This idea is meant for sit down hookah's and hookah lounges. More research and technology will have to be made to adapt to smaller sizes.
  6. Hey! I just joined and my primary interest in joining the forum is news and updates with what's going in the hookah world and a side interest in hookah innovations and creations.
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