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  1. Spreading the word to the local shops! This would be a great opportunity to try it their new shisha out
  2. thatboyred

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    Hello y'all! My names Andres and Im new to the forum. Ive been in and out of the hookah world for about 7 years now and have been up and down the East coast visting different lounges with friends and connections from Saudi and other Gulf countries showing me the ins and outs of how the "real deal" hookah lunges are done over there. Im currently a student at NC State and have been calling NC home for quite some time now, wouldn't trade this place for anything. I have had interest in opening up my own lounge and would love other peoples feedback later down the road. Just wanted to stop in and say hello and hope to find other NC hookah enthusiasts in the coming time. Thank y'all for reading this and hope y'all have a good day!