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  1. ellenkins

    New member from ATX!

    Hey y'all! (tl;dr provided) I'm Ellen! I'm a 20 year old hookah lounge employee/manager in ATX! I've been working at my lounge for 10 months now. I've only owned a hookah myself for a little over a year, and have only been smoking for about two years now. Because I'm a relatively new smoker compared to most (and my lounge only carries two brands and one type of hookah), I don't have an extensive knowledge of brands, types of hookahs, etc. so I joined this forum in an effort to expand my knowledge! My first hookah was a hand-me-down from a good friend- a heavily used yet still beautiful Khalil Mamoon. After teaching myself basic hookah packing and anatomy, I landed myself a job at my favorite hookah lounge. Since then, I've fallen in love with the art of hookah and realized my dream of one day owning and running my own hookah lounge. But first, I need to continue expanding my knowledge (duh) Currently, I own four hookahs: my trusty Khalil Mamoon Oxidized India, a baby Nammor Furat, a Nammor Oasis/Cleopatra mashup, and my newest and most prized baby - my Round Glass Melody. My current focus is expanding my brand experiences, which so far has been limited to Al-Fakher, Starbuzz, and a few Haze flavors. (Let me know what you think I should try next!) I'm excited to dive into this community and uncover all the treasures y'all have shared here C: TL;DR I'm a hookah lounge manager and aspiring hookah lounge owner with only 2 years of smoking history, looking to expand my knowledge of the art of hookah. I'd be ecstatic if you decided to take the time to share your love for hookah with me! Tell me all about it, homies