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  1. A buddy of mine sent it to me, I'm not sure where he got it.
  2. I just got a sample of a new Al-Waha red bull flavored shisha. Has anyone else seen this? It smells just like Red Bull and I'm thinking of mixing with with an Anise flavor.
  3. Xanas

    Arizona Smokers Az

    Buckeye, AZ - Just moved here from Michigan.
  4. Xanas

    Egyptian Guava

    Potion Egyptian Guava Bowl: Large Phunnel W/mod and included coals Cut: Nice and finely chopped. I didn't have to go picking out stems. It is VERY wet though. Smell: Strong, sweet, tropical smell. I'm not familiar with guava though. My wife described it as mango with a hint of pine and anise. Taste: Again, not familiar with guava, but the flavor lasted the entire smoke a little over an hour. It was a nice taste, not overpowering, but I wasn't left trying to guess if there was a flavor. Smoke Thickness: Nice dense smoke right from the start. Buzz: A pleasant buzz Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes Overall : Not being familiar with guava kinda skewed my experience, however I enjoyed the taste and would probably smoke it again. The one thing that I kept commenting on was how smooth the whole session was. I never got the bite of the bowl getting harsh. I will definitely try other flavors. I've heard some complaints about the coals included, but I had no problems with them. Overall the entire package is impressive. You get coals, foils, and a good quality tobacco. Score: 9/10
  5. Xanas

    Potion 100g Sample

    Mine came in today, Guava. Never tried that flavor before, smells great. Can't wait for my cold to go away so I can smoke this. It's first of the list to smoke, hopefully later this week. Awesome packaging!
  6. +1 to the doc! I had to see mine when I had this. Ended up on antibiotics and rest. Took some time off the hookah and I'm feeling better and back to smoking on occasion. It seems as if this infection is going around because everyone at my work has had it. It's rough, but the antibiotics help A LOT! Good luck man, hope you get to feeling better.
  7. Xanas

    Potion 100g Sample

    Got in! Totally looking forward to trying it out, could use a change of pace from the laylina and al-waha I've got.
  8. I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts will be with your family. Tonights hookah session will have a moment of silence for Eric.
  9. Tiramisu sounds great. I'd love to see how it turns out.
  10. Xanas

    Footie Thread!

    Rugby and Aussie Rules Football are both great to watch. Unfortunately, not alot of people outside Australia watch Aussie Rules.
  11. Add my name to the list of wannabe guinea pigs.
  12. Good luck with it all. I know that something like this can be a bit traumatizing, but as you can see you've got supporters. Hope you get to feeling better.
  13. I just got a tub of Prickly Pear today and I opened it and was hit by the smell. It was REALLY strong. Really sweet and I'm looking forward to getting home tonight so I can smoke it.
  14. How about contributing to a wiki? Perhaps that would work? just an idea.
  15. There is an old saying "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar". The manager was being accommodating and let you smoke in the first place, then he was told not to by his superiors. He still has to report to someone higher on the corporate ladder. It wouldn't be nice for someone to bash you at your job if you were just following orders. It's been mentioned before, but we all took up a hobby with some negative public image. Everyone here is doing their part to educate the public about the use of a hookah, but until we manage to teach everyone, we still have to deal with the publics perception. Overall, patience and playing the political games needed by corporate America will probably get better results than being a verbal brute.