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  1. PeterWar

    Electronic Hookah head roundup

    After several months trying these e-hookah, I must say that the square e-head and the POP30 didn't life up to my expectations. The vapor production is irregular, I think is a problem of the liquid not reaching the resistance coil properly, specially if the reservoir is half empty, also the build quality is bad, the Kelvin H1 is so much better in terms of build quality! The downsides of the H1 are short battery life and small reservoirs, (the H6 or the HMAX might be better at that). The main problem is that these eheads have not kept up with mods, I have a Yihi SX Mini M with temp control and the vaping experience is SO MUCH BETTER.... it's quite sad because I miss my hookah.
  2. PeterWar

    Problems with Shiazo

    Would not recomment this bowl for anyone vaping shiazo, this stuff is dangerous! it can reach 311 Degrees C even at lower settings. I plan to buy a normal e-coal, not a bowl. Any recommendations?
  3. PeterWar

    Problems with Shiazo

    There you go, the confirmation that it is actualy dangerous to use this bowl to heat shiazo. The instructions were badly translated and mostly unclear, they lead me to believe that you could actualy put shiazo stones directly on the bowl, while the surface is over 290 C which is the point when VG starts to turn into acrolein I believe. Could it be the reason why shiazo tasted so badly? I've seen that only pure VG evaporates at higher temps than 290C so maybe the apple/cherry liquid inside that is mixed with VG in the stones saved me from toxic exposure...
  4. Hi guys, I've thought I would share my experience and some links regarding the different brands of hookah heads that you can find in the marked rights now: Kelvin H1, H1 , H2, H6, HMAX hookah head (The H1 comes rebranded as sisha palace's, there are many other rebrandings). The looks and works of the H1 are great, but the 900mAH battery and the 2x2ml cartomizers mean's shorter vaping sessions. From my experience with the H1, I recommend you guys buy the H6 instead (same great looks but much improved duration). The only downside I can see is that there is no voltage regulation, I've seen some retail links saying that the operating voltage is 4.2V. Square e-head: Up until now, one of the most popular hookah heads. You can choose between three different colours. It comes with an 8ml tank and a 2200mAH battery. This e-head appears also to be sold under other names. I've bought one and will review it shortly. POP30 (30W) Hookah head With 30W and voltage regulator, seems very similar to the Square e-head, it comes, however with 4 cartomizers and you can select which two flavours you want to vape. POP50 (50W) Hookah head The bigger brother of the POP 30, they claim it to be the most powerful e-head. POP Filrkin Hookah head A hookah head that connects to an external battery. Flux e-bowl It comes with a huge 50ml tank and a nice 2800maH battery, does not appear to have a voltage regulator. Fantasia e-bowl Comes with their own cartridges, so probably you won't be able to mix your own e-liquids. Feel free to add more!
  5. PeterWar

    Vaping with my KM Hookah

    Hi all, After an unsuccessful experience with Shiazo, I've decided that what works best for me are the e-liquids. So I bought this electronic sisha head. Yesterday I did a hookah session to compare this e-head using nhoss green apple e-liquid and it produced a similar level of vapor with an even more pleasant taste than using Shiazo + Coconut coals . I don't think e-cigarrettes are for me, as I very much enjoy smoking with my Hookah (besides, I think smoking in my hookah increases the humidity and reduces the irritation of vapor in my mouth). So I'm about to buy the e-liquids that you can see in the picture. I would like to ask before buying if some members have had experience with them and if they are any good and/or can recommend an alternative. Lastly, while I love the lights and overal looks of my electronic sisha head, I feel that the battery lasts too little and that the containers are depleted within 2 hours. Do you know of any other electronic sisha head that I could use with my hookah that has a battery and e-liquid reservoir that lasts longer? Also, are there any better choices in terms of vapor production? Thank you all in advance!
  6. PeterWar

    Problems with Shiazo

    Update: I've put a foil in the bowl, got the same results, smoking with coconut worked just fine, but I'm leaning towards e-liquids now as they taste just as good and there's no CO involved.
  7. PeterWar

    Problems with Shiazo

    I've found more information regarding my sisha bowl here: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/1pc-electronic-shisha-bowl-with-out-wood-charcoal-hookah-mouth-tips-hose-ice-cleaner-pipe-rolling/2031496510.htmlThey state to put an aluminium foil between the bowl and the sisha/shiazo, which is something I didn't do, I'm pretty sure that was the problem, at the time I couldn't read the instructions properly as they did only come in German.I have no information regarding how hot this can this e-coal get, now I'm afraid I might have been turning the glycerin injected into Shiazo into poisonous acrolein :S
  8. PeterWar

    Problems with Shiazo

    Thank you guys for your input. Nevertheless the manufacturer website actually recommends the use of electric charcoal for Shiazo! Has anyone tried a different type of electric charcoal that worked? It\'s in this link
  9. Greetings,I have a serious issue with the Shiazo Steam Stones that I bought; I've used them in the Mya petite with this electric sisha bowl (power settings 4-5).For the first minute of smoking the Two Apples flavor, the amount of vapor produced was great and tasted good. However, after two minutes, when inhaling I could feel a very spicy taste in my mouth. After the third minute I had to stop because inhaling the vapor would make me cough very badly for about a minute.I then tried the Cherry flavor in my electric sisha bowl with different power settings (1-3) and got the same results, a very bad cough when inhaling in the first few minutes.I've already used the electronic sisha head with the glycerine e-liquids from Sisha palace with great success and zero issues. As far as I understand, Shiazo carries glycerin, the same stuff that's inside Sisha Palace e-liquids, could it be that my Shiazo is in bad state? Thank you in advance for your reply