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  1. Hello!  I'm a new member here, from San Antonio, Texas!  I'm far from a new hookah smoker though.  I started smoking hookah while stationed in South Korea with the US Air Force.  I continued smoking hookah during each of my deployments to the Middle East, and now that I'm home for good I've found that I still enjoy this wonderful pastime.  Smoking hookah has become part of my ritual for relaxing after a hard day, spending time with friends, or just because I'm bored on a random day.  I own five hookahs, one each small, medium, and large Syrian "Mod" style hookahs, a small Mya classic, and a non-branded hand-made brass hookah (very old-school, traditional type).  I'm also a huge fan of Al Fakher, Social Smoke, and Tangiers shishas.  I love to try out new hookah and shisha types.  I am looking forward to being part of the forum community here, and continuing to learn more about this great social pastime with and from you all.